how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive permanently

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Our actions have made the computer a lot easier. Now we can easily do a lot in a short time. However, while working on the computer is infected with various viruses. Therefore, our work is slowing down. So, we are plagued with various problems. Most people are plagued with this problem. Shortcut virus is very … Read more

how to increase wifi speed

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If you find a lower speed when using the Internet, then what is the benefit of WiFi? There may be various reasons for this decrease in speed. However, if you know of some method that can increase its speed. ┬áPlace: WiFi router to use a high quality can be used. However, the router must be … Read more

How to delete unnecessary registry file in the computer In Best

How to delete unnecessary registry file in the computer

Something occurs to use the computer a lot of time. Some are not, some work remains. Sometimes even after the Registry to delete the software installed on the computer is on the list.

how to copy the windows to a bootable Pendrive – Best Tips

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how to copy the windows to a bootable pendrive? For creating a new Bootable USB windows 7 USB disk, then you need a software named Rufus.

Windows 10 tricks and tips – Best Edition

Windows 10 os the latest version from Microsoft. You need to know the Windows 10 tricks and tips for using it.

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how to hide drive for specific users in windows 7 10


how to hide drive for specific users in windows? How to hide your computer’s windows drives so that no one else can see.

Whea uncorrectable error for windows 10 Best 2021

whea uncorrectable error

Whea uncorrectable error, Some Windows crash errors are cryptic, hard to fix. WHEA’s Uncorrectable Error One.

Top 80+ Keyboard shortcuts windows 10 – Windows 10 shortcut keys list

Keyboard shortcuts windows 10 If you are a windows 10 user then you show know about Keyboard shortcuts windows 10. If you use a computer then you must have to know shortcuts of the keyboard for better, reliable and fast use. That Keyboard shortcuts windows 10 will help you to reduce your repetitive strain and time as … Read more