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Since BDtechSupport.com was founded in 2019, and today It became one of the best tech blogs on the Internet. When this website was started, it provides Information Technology(IT) related posts and articles. You can read more about this website from here.

Nowadays, we need a team to bring out the website(BDtechSupport) to the next level.

Send Docx file Email to nayan.pust11@gmail.com or order directly from Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/nayantech/do-guest-post-on-my-da-24-site-with-permanent-do-follow-link-44c7

So, if you are passionate about writing on a blog, you can write to us. If you need more information then you may contact us from our contact us page. 

As of today, we are inviting guest posts from digital marketing specialists and technology writers who wish to share their ideas, thoughts, tales, and perspectives with our audience. Technological, digital marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, business, tech news, gadgets, and computers are some of the themes that TechPocket is seeking for guest bloggers to write about for us on.

Do you have any knowledge that you’d want to share with our audience? These are wonderful opportunities to share your expertise and assist others in establishing or improving their businesses and financial situations. Send us an email if you want to promote your company and products on high-authority websites.

Readers should be inspired or informed by the stories they read. They should serve as an inspiration for action and technological success.

BDtechSupport Now Accepting Guest Posts

BdtechSupport is now accepting guest posts from users. If you have a blog or website and you can post on this blog.

The Type of Content We’re Looking for

We’re looking for well-written, engaging, and exciting blog posts, articles, tutorials, and reviews about It related Posts.

What kinds of articles am I able to write?

You can write an article that is relevant to one or more of these topics.

  • Technology, business, digital marketing, and online marketing are some of the topics covered.
  • Internet, SEO, SEO marketing, technical SEO, gadgets, and software are all terms that come to mind.
  • Internet marketing, email marketing, and content marketing are all forms of marketing.
  • Social media, mobile phones, and social media marketing are all topics covered.
  • Lifestyle, fashion, health, and travel are some of the topics covered.
  • Sports, gaming, and other forms of entertainment
  • Please keep in mind that we will not accept links to websites that are related to drugs, gambling, payday loans, or adult content.

We have a large number of viewers, you will receive more exposure for your company, startup, and products.
Linking back to your website or products will improve your SEO rankings.

We share your provided content on our social media pages, which helps to build your company’s brand recognition.

Guest Posts Requirements: 

  • The content must be 100% unique, relevant, and never published before. 
  • Proper Heading(H2, H3, …) optimization
  • Must have Internal links to content on our site. 
  • Verify that your post is not plagiarized from other websites. 
  • We do not accept links to games, casinos, etc. 
  • Must include an image, youtube tutorials, FAQs.  

Other Important Information 

Your article must be your original work and must not be published elsewhere. BdtechSupport will retain the publishing rights to all content submitted exclusively. 

Waiting Time 

We read and go through all submissions. It might take us 1-3 days before we reply to your submission. After submitting any post, please let us know via this contact form.

How to Write Post?

  1. Add proper Title
  2. Send your article from fill up this page. 
  3. Add external and internal post links to any and this site.
  4. Send Docx file Email to nayan.pust11@gmail.com or order directly from Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/nayantech/do-guest-post-on-my-da-24-site-with-permanent-do-follow-link-44c7

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