Whea uncorrectable error for windows 10 Best 2021

whea uncorrectable error
whea uncorrectable error

Whea uncorrectable error, Some Windows crash errors are cryptic, hard to fix. WHEA’s Uncorrectable Error One.

Windows’ history of blue screen error messages (read: painful). Known as the Blue Death Screen, it also contains information about your system’s sudden deletion.

Some Windows crash errors are cryptic than others in windows 10. It is the WHEA’s Uncorrectable Error One that should be fixed.

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This article describes how to correct and prevent the recurrence of WHEA Incorrect Error.

What’s failure?

WHEA UNCORRECTABLE Hardware Error. It is an error.

Hardware failed (Damaged hard drives, GPU, CPU, PSU, corrupt RAM, etc.)

Driver’s compatibility

Heat and voltage problems (Overclocking and voltage changes)

Corrupted Windows System/Registry files

This Windows error, although not always the source, often causes voltage problems. WUE and 0x0000124 stop code tell us about the mistake, but the error dump file will provide more information. Search your C:/Windows/Minidump file error (.DMP).

Unfortunately, we cannot solve every issue, but the following corrections should minimize UNCORRECTABLE WHEA ERROR.

How can I fix the whea uncorrectable error?

Remember common hardware problems causing WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR? This chapter expands on some of these hardware aspects, demonstrating possible remedies.


First, try running Command Prompt Windows Check Disk before making any hardware changes.

Type the prompt in the search bar Start menu, right-click the best match, and select Run as administrator. (Alternatively, press Windows Key+X and choose Command Prompt from the menu.) The command scans system errors and troubleshoots the way.

Correct Whea’s 10 Error

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2: Check your hardware’s system

whea uncorrectable error, UNCORRECTABLE ERROR refers closely to your system hardware. Before the system resets and the memory test progress, double-check your hardware.

Ensure the cooling systems are fully operational, your RAM is secure in its slots, and the CPU is not lost, mystifying, etc. Check this video if you are unsure how to reset your hardware.

Try 3: Reset Overclocking

You can run into the WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR after overclocking for higher speeds. The easiest way is to reset your BIOS system and eliminate overclocking effects.

Enter your BIOS/UEFI system menu. Switch off your system for this. Turn on your system and press BIOS/UEFI Access (standard keys include F1, F2, F10, DEL, and ESC).

Input BIOS on Windows 10 (And Older Versions)

Usually, press a particular key at the right time to enter the BIOS. That’s how Windows 10 BIOS access.

Find menu options and overclock them. The reset returns to its out-of-box status but can also be deleted during the process.

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Try 4: Reset BIOS/UEFI settings.

Try resetting your entire BIOS if you delete BIOS/UEFI Overlock. In the BIOS menu, reset or load the default BIOS configuration. Find and select the option.

5: Update BIOS/UEFI configuration

Again, it heavily depends on your system’s motherboard producer. A desktop utility can download and update some BIOS/UEFI settings. To download the firmware, other manufacturers need the BIOS update.

Are your unsure which motherboard? Download and run the CPU-Z. Open the motherboard tab and locate the manufacturer and model motherboard. Your BIOS brand and version can be found here.

Bios CPU Info Mainboard information

For example, I’ll search my system’s ‘Micro-star ms-1796 bios update’ for ‘[your motherboard manufacturer+model] with this knowledge.’ If you are lucky, you should find instructions, tutorials, and even a video or two.

Try 6: Driver check-ups.

New drivers sometimes impact your system negatively. It is becoming less frequent today as most driver updates are maintained by Windows 10. That does not mean that a dodgy driver can’t disturb your system. Fortunately, Windows 10 lists all driver updates in the Windows Update section, so you can quickly see where the problem arises.

To open the Settings panel, click Windows Key+I and select Update & Security > View Update History. Any updates can be found here. Type your device manager and select the best match in the Start menu search bar. Enter the list and find an error symbol. If nothing happens, the driver’s condition is probably not the problem’s source.

This means that a third-party tool can update all your system drivers simultaneously. See this list of free tools to fix most Windows issues. The first two options are IOBit Driver Booster and Snappy Driver Installer.

7: Check your MemTest86 RAM.

Windows has a built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic Memory Control device. Unfortunately, with another useful tool, MemTest86 has no reputation and regularly misses problems.

A free x86 memory test tool is MemTest86. To boot MemTest86, use a flash drive (or bootable) to inspect the RAM system.

You should have at least two passes to complete the MemTest86 experience (these are two complete cycles), but in most reports, MemTest86 should reveal a severe RAM issue after a short time.

Download and download MemTest86’s bootable CD image. Next, write MemTest86 ISO to a USB flash drive. See this list of ten free USB flash drive bootable tools.

Whea uncorrectable error
Whea uncorrectable error

Burn MemTest86 with your preferred tool and shut down. Press and restart the system with the boot menu button (usually F10, F11, DEL, or ESC); select the MemTest86 flash drive to boot.

When returning RAM errors, complete an online error code search and enter your next course.

8: Restore from Windows 10 (Last Resort)

With Windows 10 Reset, if nothing else works, re-enhance your system.

Windows 10 Reset replaces your system files with a whole new set of files and theoretically removes all outstanding whea uncorrectable error, UNCORRECTABLE ERROR issues while keeping most of your essential files intact.

Set > Update and Safety > Recovery, then select Start.

Once you hit the button, your system restarts, so make sure you save important files beforehand. You can restart and choose to maintain or remove my files.

Incorrect error whea uncorrectable error!

Bluescreen is misleading. If you do not know which hardware causes the problem, the above fixes will fix the whea uncorrectable error, but remember that it might come back if you play with your hardware.

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