How to keep your computer safe from Unknown

how to keep your computer safe from hackers
The current era is the era of information and technology. We can not go a day without the computer era. Many of us now use computing. Office, home, outside, we need to use the computer. This is accomplished through our work. Thus, its importance is immense. Computers have made our work easier. Today, we do a lot of things on the computer. So, a lot of this is important to take care of the necessary things. However, how to take care of it? We can not take care of it due to busy. However, this item does not care if it can be broken. So we have to keep in mind. Today, I will tell you some things that will be good for maintaining your favorite computer.

 Things are given below:

1. Keep your computer clean off parts per month.
2. Open the computer's RAM, and delete it through the thin cotton. Put back later.
3. Keep the cooling fan clean and always clean.
4. Do not keep the CPU on a separate screen.
5. Keep the computer every day to clean the monitor.
6. Place a small picture of the computer's wallpaper.
7. Heavy on the computer cannot be absolutely certain.
8. Turn off the computer at night before sleeping.
9. To secure computers use UPS.

The Bottom Line

We need to take care of it in order to use the computer a lot. The following issues have been on the computer that will be good.

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