How to speed up computer windows 10

How to speed up computer windows 10

Today, the much-needed is a computer. But its speed is reduced as a result of the use for a long time. As a result, our computers have to do a lot to get in trouble. It is for relief from these programs. Some of the tips I hope you will come in handy.

 This reduces the speed of unnecessary files on your computer. Cleanup program is used to fix this problem. “Ccleaner” is a good solution for this use.


Animation and visual effects do not require very high speed, which just cannot be used without a computer. This somewhat reduces the speed of the computer. And it is best to just stop. The theme of the animation will slow down your computer.

Tips -3

You have to use the updated anti-virus and scan using the computer. Your computer will be active. Otherwise, the virus will reduce the speed and difficulty of the work.

Tips -4

Additional RAM on your computer a lot, then it will be operational.

Tips -5

Restart the computer in a time period, if it does not, then the speed will vary.

The Bottom Line

I hope these tips keeping your computer will be much faster. If any of the suggestions u have then notify us.

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