how to increase wifi speed

how to increase wifi speed

If you find a lower speed when using the Internet, then what is the benefit of WiFi?
There may be various reasons for this decrease in speed. However, if you know of some method that can increase its speed.


WiFi router to use a high quality can be used. However, the router must be in place to correct it. It can be as high as the radio waves are scattered, and higher-speed Internet service is available.

The waves are not interrupted:

Suppose the Wi-Fi router in front of the waves was interrupted by a heap. Routers cannot be in the basement of the house.

Use routers around the Internet:

The router is fixed to a circumference. The distance from the router, the router will be slowing. Wi-Fi signal is 360 degrees periphery. Thus, the spread between the router, the scheme will be.

Wi-Fi speed to prevent the microwave oven:

Oven Wi-Fi speed impact. WiFi, a lot of time, reduces the frequency of the microwave oven. Therefore, the router can reduce speed. Therefore, routers Keep away from the oven.

Use complex password:

Open Network speed is reduced if you use a router. Therefore, complex passwords should be kept. So, speed is good.

The bottom line

So, from now, you will get much better speed WiFi.

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