How to loop videos without any software

How to loop a video on android



How to loop videos without any software

Nowadays, is a popular video streaming site in the world. It becomes a necessary part of the internet world. Many videos are stored or uploaded to Youtube. It will give you the best entertainment that you are imagining always.

So, when you use this amazing streaming website then you want to use it easy and affordable way. YouTube does not provide or permit you to repeat a single track continuously as your favorite song. So, you just want to repeat your favorite song continuously. There are so may site or services that help you to loop a video on android

So, follow the steps to take this advantage:
Step 1: Go to from the URL tab from any browser and search your favorite song.
Step 2: Then, you have to edit the URL from the URL tab and erase everything before
Step 3: Then, type repeat on youtube to make it repeat continuously. As for example, follow below to make the repeat. 
Step 4: Press enter. Then you will forward to a repeat section that video you play continuously until you close the browser.

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The Bottom Line

I hope you can easily loop a video on android. If any quarries, please contact us. Stay with us.

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