Tips to score 90+ marks in class 10th boards

Tips to score 90+ marks in class 10th boards

Tips to score 90+ marks in class 10th boards

When we talk concerning class tenth, it is a very important period for kids, and there is a lot of pressure on them to do well because this is the first occasion they will take an exam which is not organized by their educational establishments and is set externally by an examiner they do not know. For the pupils, it becomes a frightening environment, and they frequently experience worry and anxiety, as well as making blunders. It is critical that students practice keeping the exam structure in mind and devote time to the chapters and sections that are supposed to be asked most commonly on the exam in order to prevent being anxious. Students must maintain a cheerful attitude at all times.

 There are a number of ways in which the students can score well and get marks that are above 90%. Some of the tips a student can follow are discussed below :

  • Study the paper pattern

We all know that CBSE practices a specific pattern or format when it designs papers for class 10th. The paper consists of all kinds of questions ranging from one word or one sentence questions where the answers are supposed to be short, those usually carry one mark each. The paper also contains moderately long and proper long format questions. Therefore, while preparing for the board you must analyze the pattern of the question paper. You must prepare every chapter keeping in mind the format of the question and be ready to face the questions with confidence.

  • Weightage 

Once you have studied the number and type of the questions that are going to be asked you must know the weightage of each chapter concerning each subject as this will provide you with an overview of the lesser and the more important sections of your syllabus. After you know the importance of each section of the syllabus you will be able to make up an effective study schedule where you can give ample amount of time to all the topics according to their weightage.

  • Do not be afraid

It is often seen that students go into a self-doubting tendency and tend to think about the future and hamper their studies in the process. The students create a panic kind of a situation which causes them to lose focus from their studies and they make big blunders which cost them a lot in the long run. To tackle this problem the students must work on their mental healths and should practice sports or meditation or sometimes just take short study breaks to freshen up the mind so that they can perform at their full capacity.

  • Focus on your favorites

There are certain topics where a student tends to be exceptionally good at, it must be encouraged that the student must study the part or section of those power topics every day and then followed by those he must give time to topics that he does not like or is unable to understand well and is not performing in the desired way. This will help the child in preventing from getting bored in the process of study and the child will be able to study effectively.

  • Practice through different sources

While you are preparing for the boards you must follow the process of studying through different sources to get an idea of the more and more types of questions that will provide you confidence. You must focus on important questions and the questions that are repeated multiple times in the previous year’s question papers. You can get RS Aggarwal Solutions For Class 10 Chapter 10 Quadratic here.

  • Be real

There are some students that set highly ambitious and unrealistic goals that the students are unable to fulfill and this makes them further tensed and this causes them anxiety. The students must keep in mind their capacity and then set goals accordingly.

  • Fix your study duration

Most of the students have this habit of preparing schedules with little or no breaks between study and they just casually put 12 continuous hours of study as their target rather than this the ideal solution is that you must fix a shorter and comfortable duration for your study and devote that fixed time to your study. This will help you be productive and let you work at your full capacity.

There are a number of things you need to do while you give your exams. There are some tips and tricks that you must follow while you are in the exam hall for the big day. Below are some exam hall tricks to score better :

  • Work on presentation

The first thing to remember is that you must present your exam paper in a proper manner. You must write in good handwriting, you must leave spaces between lines and never use an ink pen to draw diagrams rather you should use a properly sharpened pencil. You must also highlight important parts of the answer by underlining them so that the examiner can check the paper better.

  • Time management in the exam hall

You should always remember that time management in the exam hall is important to ensure that you complete your exam in time and you do not have to rush at the end which will end up with you making mistakes. You must never spend more than the required time on a question as this will kill the time you are going to give to the rest of the question paper. Focus more on the sections of the paper that you know.

  • Always crosscheck 

You must always revise your paper for any mistakes that you have made unintentionally. You must, therefore, complete your paper at least 15 minutes before the deadline because this will help you analyze your mistakes and then correct them in time. You must also check that you have put the correct question numbers on the answers.

So, these were steps you can follow to improve your score to more than 90% in the exams.

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