Is there an Undo button on Android?

We mostly use the Android Phone. So it can be used as well, so we organized this. Undo and Redo are two familiar keyboard shortcuts that you type on your Android Phone or later, you can get it back if you delete it. Now it will be much better if you add it to your …

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How to repair damaged sd card

We absolutely cannot live without their smartphones era of information technology. The smartphone must use a memory card. You can customize it with a lot of data. But, if this is the important component is lost, then what do you do? It has all of the important data. Some of this stuff we keep our …

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How to make your android battery last longer

20190512 170126

We absolutely can not go without a modern smartphone. Keep pace with the times, we use smartphones. But when using this phone can be drained quickly. As a result, we face problems. If the charges are to our liking phone If you do not have to do with it? Is currently the most popular smartphone. …

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