Best Android Games Offline -Top 5 – Without Internet

best android games offline
best android games offline

The Best Android Games Offline that are not played at all

What is the most popular way to spend time on Android phones? Hmm, I hear everybody’s talking about playing games. After installing urgent applications with new smartphones, everyone is at risk. And today I will tell you that without playing best android games offline!
Usually, high resolution and great games on Android are bought and played. Versions of these are also available elsewhere, where you can download and play games for free. But you can not finish playing the games that are available for free on the right path. So let’s not forget that there are 5 Android games available in the Google Play Store that can be your companion not only for leisure but also for all time (and I’ll be talking about that for another day!).

1. Angry Birds Space – Best Android Games Offline

The truth is that after writing Angry Birds, this place will be left empty. These games, made by Rovio, have gained such popularity on PC, Internet, and mobile devices that, whether you use the internet or not, Angry Birds games have been played by almost everyone.
Granted, playing Angry Birds on your mobile screen after playing on a computer screen will be a little tricky. But the excellent sound and graphics quality will solve that problem. And if you need to zoom out with two fingers, you can adjust the target.
And yes, gravity does have to be kept in mind when throwing birds at Angry Birds Space!
But let’s start playing bird slaughter!

Google Play Store Link: Angry Birds Space

2. Amazing Alex

You may be surprised to hear that the company that made Angry Birds Games has made only two games so far. Angry Birds has been released in 20 years. Since then, its popularity has made the developer company so busy that they have never had a chance to create a second game. However, they recently released their second game, Amazing Alex, after almost three years.
Although not quite as popular as Angry Birds, it earned its first place in the Google Play Store in the first week. This may be one of the reasons why Angry Birds is not gaining in popularity because of its gameplay. Where Angry Birds have to fly around, you have to become more creative and spend a lot of head wit on Amazing Alex.
Amazing Alex is about a boy named Alex, who got creative with all the stuff in the house except reading. She is throwing herself new challenges and trying to win them over. Surely you are thinking about what kind of problem? Give an example.
A ball is placed on the left side of the screen. You need to put it in a basket on the right. After playing the game, the ball will naturally fall straight down. You will be given some items. Take, for example, three long pipes. If you can properly align the pipes down along the ball, the ball will go to the basket, and your level will be completed. On the way to the ball, again, three stars have to be dropped. Otherwise, the level three-star will not be available.
Amazing Alex’s adventure will be difficult to hear, but soon!
Google Play Store Link: Amazing Alex

3. Temple Run – Best Android Games Offline

It may not seem like a good idea to look at the game or name it, but once you start playing the game, you won’t get rid of saying “try it once”! In the Temple Run game, an important and expensive statue of a temple is stolen to escape. The developers have done the work of getting out of the temple after the theft to make it easier for you. Your job is just to run! It,s a Best Android Games Offline right now.
However, it is not easy to cross over again from the hands of these old gods and goddesses. As soon as you exit the temple, you will see a scary animal coming from behind. To avoid them will not only have to run hard, but you must also cross all obstacles. And this is the work of Temple Run.
In the Temple Run game, you have to swipe right-left, swipe right or left with an accelerometer sensor, and jump and fall through the touch. As far as you can go, the points will increase, and you must collect as many coins as possible on the way. So let’s start running!

Google Play Store Link: Temple Run

4 . Fruit Ninja

No need to fear fights or kopakupi to hear the sound of the ninja. Because in this game, you have to hit the watermelon. Fruit Ninja is a game of almost all the fruits of fantasy, not just watermelon, apple, orange, pear, coconut, etc.
The concept of the game is straightforward but quite addictive. In the game, you have to throw these fruits from the bottom, and your job is to remove them with your finger. In classic mode, your score will continue to increase until the result is three times on the ground intact.
Do not delay and start the fun game!

Google Play Store Link: Fruit Ninja

5. Raging Thunder 2 – Best Android Games Offline

No one likes to play Motion Sensitive Games. Especially with the purchase of a new smartphone, we all first started looking for motion-sensitive racing games. In this case, the Need for Speed ​​Shift is the most popular but may not work on many handsets. Graphics can get stuck in low-end smartphones, especially. So Raging Thunder can be a great choice.
The game is quite straight forward. Apart from the carrier mode, if you want to start racing in the first place, then there is the instant racing mode. If you like to steer with a mobile-like the steering wheel of a car, this game will be as good as every time you play it. But in the beginning, you can eat more than a little snack! Once that’s done, your ride can be customized to go into carrier mode.

Google Play Store Link: Raging Thunder 2

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The Bottom Line

This was one of our fun Android games that you must play. We may enjoy Best Android Games Offline in any time.

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