How to make your android battery last longer

How to make your android battery last longer
We absolutely can not go without a modern smartphone. Keep pace with the times, we use smartphones. But when using this phone can be drained quickly. As a result, we face problems. If the charges are to our liking phone If you do not have to do with it? Is currently the most popular smartphone.
Therefore, its importance is immense. There are several types of smartphones. However, Android phones the most popular. However, when our dear phone is not charging when it takes a lot of bothers. Powerful processor, RAM, high-resolution display and the manifold due to the use of the phone loses much faster charge. Most people are not getting the desired battery backup. If you know a few tips to get rid of it. Some simple tips that will increase your phone's battery performances.

Follow those tips which are given below:

1. If you do not need any Android device, Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity will not turn on.
2. Auto Brightness you should never do with your device. The charge is a waste of a lot more.
According to the data to follow:
during  the daytime:
in  home 30-40%
out  home 50-70%
at Night time:
in  home 05-30%
out home 30-50%
3. Many people use the live wallpaper. However, from now on it will be dropped.
4. No more than one Antivirus Apps Do not use the Battery Saver. Juice Defender app use. It is very effective.
5. Brightness will not be less than 35%.
6. Do not use the phone while charging.
7. Charge continuous days. It is charged at 35%.
8. After charging 100% more charge will not. Do not sleep on the phone in charge.
9. If you do not need to charge 50% of charge.
10. There is some apps Wake lock Try not to use them.

The Bottom Line

I think This article will help you to increase your Android battery power. Stay with us. Thanks.

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