How to repair damaged sd card

20190512 152337
We absolutely cannot live without their smartphones era of information technology. The smartphone must use a memory card. You can customize it with a lot of data.

But, if this is the important component is lost, then what do you do? It has all of the important data. Some of this stuff we keep our mobile memory card. This is a lot of precious time can be lost. When, we share information, especially when the memory card becomes useless losers. It is difficult to fix the damaged memory card to the computer age, but possible to solve the matter.

Follow the way to the bottom:

We are using the memory card when it’s time to have some data, but it’s not going to be used. Computers cannot read it. Everyone knows that is why it is broken. Recovery software can bring back the memory card.

For this we have to do:

Step 1: The memory card inserted into the card reader to enter the computer. Remember, it looks like a memory card; hard disk drive cannot be accessed.

Step 2: In the Windows start menu, type cmd, and Step 3 of the Block.

Step 3: The Cmd text by pressing a button on the right to open it by selecting Run As Administration.

Step 4: Then chkdskmr type and click enter, where m is the memory card drive.

Step 5: When it comes to convertlostchainsto files, press y. If you also have the right card can be used again.

Step 6: The memory card shows up the invalid file system, then right-click on the drive, click Format. File system by selecting the FAT Quick format- and uncheck Click on the Format. After losing memory card format card data will not be lost.

The bottom line

I hope that from now on there will be no problem, and fix your broken memory card. You may give any advice. Thank you.

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