Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons

Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons

The moon landing is now burning factor a day. we all know that Neil Armstrong who is the man that lands on the moon for the first time. but do you know is it correct? there are so many controversial about this topic in this topic. In this article, I will show you that there are so many controversial questions for moon landing for the first time. Neil Armstrong and Aldrin were the first Astronauts to successfully land the lunar is it true? and we will see that there are 6 relevant topics in this section that will show that moon landing is fake. why moon landing is fake let’s see.

Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons

Is Neil Armstrong first man on the moon?
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1. About Neil Armstrong insurance – Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons

The first one is that Neil Armstrong is the first man land on Moon then you will tell that is correct. but, for your information that Neil Armstrong doesn’t have any insurance policy for an astronaut. Besides, we all know that Michael Collins and aldrin were not alone we know that three of this person land to the moon of the Apollo 11 mission off as an astronaut. but, in the information that for all of the members of Apollo 11 mission in July 1969 that three astronauts and they sign and rate of photographs and they send it to, they are friends and family. so if anything has happened to astronauts that the all the autographs and is of the astronaut families can check this because there are hundreds of signature. in this section, so I think that there was a problem with this section of doing the signature for the Apollo Agro crew members.

2. About the smell of the moon – Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons

There are server pricing methods that astronauts who visited the moon. that has the lunar dust when they land on the moon and their take smell of moon that from the time they got back in the lunar module space but in the time of conducting environment surface from the Moon that the does places of The Suite and a return to the station. when they remove their helmets and from the hands and faces that some can’t taste it so so for the first time insert the lunar module that 4 billion years old moon does produce a smell. as a result, their astronomers had a military history can compare that gunpowder with the Aroma. Neil Armstrong describes that he feels like a similar I smell in the lunar module. but the explanation remains unknown to us this is the main reason that moon landing is fake.

Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons
moon landing was fake

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3. About astronauts suits – Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons

You must think that moon missioners are a smart and skilled person that you never have seen. but, in this mission on Apollo 11, there are some miseries for this mission that win the space sweets that astronauts who are in the Apollo 11 mission were made it a little cooperation name International letters Corporation of Nasa to produce suits for the astronauts. but there is a contradictory with I’ll see and Naser when they were refused the suits for the 1st time. so, there is a problem.

After then, NASA contact with international latex company (LLC) for the making suits for the astronauts but there is also a problem with the source who is an old astronaut in the suits they provided the oxygen tanks which is a little awkward given their relationship because they are not mass oxygen in the tank.

4. About the noise of Champagne bottle – Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons

In Apollo 11 mission, lunar Lander was separating from the Columbia space there is a little bit noise of the Champagne bottle being opened because there is a crew member in the LM in from the plane compress the separation it was originally thinking to land. that the LM is pushed miles off from the station but one crew member named Aldrin climbing down the later but he was not conscious to close the hatch. So, this is the one problem that moon landing is fake.

5. About the jam door of LM – Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons

There is a news about in this section because when Neil Armstrong and aldrin were are going out from the moon after exploring, they had to remember that there is one reason behind in this topic because the door was closed to prevent the heat from the Moon but not completely. in case the door was jam and they could make it difficult to open the door. but after some time, they both were looking at this but this is not true that is it fake or true. so we can think that moon landing is fake.

6. About the 1st flag of Moon – Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons

We all of us know that who has visited the moon always answer including a child that that Neil Armstrong the first man visit in Moon. but there is a controversial thing we don’t know who is the first visit because we have been seen also another visitor but there is no news about it. other thing that which flag was hanged up in the flag? which country’s flag? we all know that it is the American flag. but there is a problem for this topic because when they came back with strong and healthy in the launch from the lunar module back with the common module after all the in heat the button to begin the loss and there was as the infamous flag was blasted away. so this is not the American flag so this is the controversial thing so why you believe it so is now fake proof.

The bottom line

So, from this article, we now know that moon landing is a piece of fake news because. there are some problems for the moon landing and NASA is continuously reporting that moon landing is true. so, what do you think? Have you know about Moon landing was fake top 6 reasons?

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