Chrome 76 To fix Incognito Mode Detection | Google Chrome Privacy Mode

Chrome 76 To fix Incognito Mode Detection | Google Chrome Privacy Mode

About Chorme 76

Google was facing a big problem with the incognito mode in chrome. After facing a worldwide problem, over the third-party organization access using Google Chrome Incognito mode some users said that Google has a critical loophole problem that exploited by the site owners and Publishers. If a user uses Incognito mode in Chrome but they don’t know that they are tested by the third party Publishers when people use Google Chrome browser in a private incognito mode.
The change will affect “some publishers who have used the loophole to deter metered paywall circumvention”, said Barb Palser, a Partner Development Manager at Google said in a blog post.

‘Some publishers who are using Google Chrome to loophole to Richa metered circumvention is now going to be affected” said Barb Palser who is a partner Development Manager in Google, we collect it from his blog post.
Some days after, on July 30, we will get a new 76 version release in this month. So, the file system API of Google Chrome browser will be modified to fix the problem of Incognito mode detection that is a privacy mood. Chrome will fix the privacy mode problem in QuickTime so we don’t need to worry about this problem Google is a well-known publisher nowadays so they must is this problem in the new version chrome 76.
Carnegie Mellon University(CMU) and the University of Pennsylvania(UP) expressed that 93% of paged viewed in chrome incognito mode are leaked by the third party organizer. shows you when a user pauses any site in incognito mode show the study of this university also investigated that 22484 for the website that we are using a tool named “webXray”. Google chrome publisher tracks 74% of websites, Oracle 24% and Facebook 10% the report also concluded.

Google explained that there suggest the publisher of the “fileSystem API” changing since there is any impact in Google Chrome all impact will be sent if they even use it in incognito mode. In the next version 76 the problem will be fixed, Google explained.

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