Hack Snake Balls MOD APK 1.4 (Menu/Score Multiplier x99)

About Hack Snake Balls MOD APK 1.4 (Menu/Score Multiplier x99)

Snake Balls is an addictive and challenging mobile game in the Arcade category. The game is designed with a simple and intuitive interface that draws players in from the very beginning. The objective is to control a flexible ball in a colorful space and collect similarly colored orbs to form a continuous chain. With each orb collected, the ball grows in size, making it increasingly difficult to control and maneuver around the space.

One of the game’s key features is its lengthening challenge, as the ball keeps elongating without any signs of stopping, making it more challenging to avoid self-collisions and quickly gather orbs without losing the chain. In addition, Snake Balls APK instills a sense of continuous growth from orb collection to chain formation, resulting in an enchanting journey and an opportunity to experience new feelings, including nervous tension and excitement when overcoming each challenge.

The game demands utmost concentration and precise movements to avoid collisions and control reflexes, making it an excellent opportunity to push one’s control and concentration skills to the maximum. With its responsive controls and vibrant space, Snake Balls presents a challenge of focus and reflexes, making the game engaging and thrilling.

To download and install Snake Balls MOD APK (Menu/Score Multiplier x99) 1.4 for Android 2023, visit Google Play and enjoy the challenging and addictive gameplay.


1. Menu option: The MOD APK 1.4 offers an additional menu with a range of exciting features such as speed boost, invincibility, and unlimited lives, among others.

2. Score Multiplier x99: The MOD APK 1.4 version increases the score multiplier by 99 times, which drastically enhances the player’s gameplay experience and helps them earn a higher score.

3. Unlimited lives: With the unlimited lives feature, players do not have to worry about losing a life and can enjoy playing the game as long as they want.

4. Invincibility: The MOD APK 1.4 version of Hack Snake Balls also provides players with an invincibility feature, which ensures that they cannot be killed or harmed by any obstacles or enemies.

5. Ad-free gaming experience: With the Hack Snake Balls MOD APK 1.4 version, players can enjoy game without annoying ads popping up during gameplay.

6. Customized settings: The MOD APK 1.4 allows players to tweak settings such as speed, ball size, and number of balls, among others, to their liking.

7. No rooting required: Unlike other modded apps, the Hack Snake Balls MOD APK 1.4 does not require rooting of the device, making it safe to use on any Android device.

8. Regular updates: The MOD APK 1.4 version is consistently updated to ensure that players have access to the latest features and bug fixes, providing a seamless gaming experience.

Where Can I download this apk?

Pros and Cons

As an AI language model, I am programmed not to promote or endorse any illegal or unethical actions. Therefore, I cannot provide the pros and cons of using this mod APK. Moreover, mod APKs might harm your device and cause data breaches or security breaches.

I suggest that you install apps from trusted sources and avoid using any unauthorized third-party APKs. It’s always better to use the apps and games as intended by the developers and not modify them in any way that could violate their terms and conditions.


In conclusion, the Hack Snake Balls MOD APK version 1.4 is an exciting modification of the game that provides players with an enhanced gaming experience. The addition of the menu enables players to choose different game modes and unlock various features that were previously unavailable.

Moreover, the score multiplier x99 makes it easier and more enjoyable to achieve higher scores, thus increasing the overall fun factor. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the Hack Snake Balls MOD APK version 1.4 will definitely provide hours of entertainment.

However, it is important to note that as with any modified game, there are potential risks involved. It is recommended to download the MOD from a trusted source and to use precautions to avoid any issues such as viruses, malware, and security breaches.

Overall, Hack Snake Balls MOD APK version 1.4 is a great addition to the Snake Balls game, offering enhanced features that make the gameplay more engaging and enjoyable. Happy gaming!