17 Best CCleaner Alternatives Free 2023

Seeking a dependable and time-saving method to maintain your PC’s peak performance? Are you sick of hearing about CCleaner, yet you need a powerful tool to clean your computer? Stop looking; this text will tell you about 5 great alternatives to CCleaner in the year 2023. You may stop worrying about freezes, crashes, and lags, and free up precious RAM, at last.

We put these top-tier cleaning apps through rigorous testing to ensure that you’re only seeing the time-saving and reliable ones. In the near future, you will notice a significant boost in your computer’s performance. Now is the perfect time to put one of these fantastic apps to work for you and begin optimizing your life.

17 CCleaner Alternatives Free to Use in 2023:

1. BleachBit 

For a long time, I worked as a network engineer. CCleaner is an excellent tool that does exactly what it promises to do. Still, I’ve recently been using Bleachbeat and have come to appreciate its sophisticated capabilities. The majority of CCleaner’s tasks can be accomplished using BleachBit as well, but its file shredding functionality makes it impossible to restore accidentally lost files.

CCleaner Alternative


Some of the computers in my office are pretty old, and I don’t plan to wipe the whole hard drive, but I do want to make sure that all personal information is gone.

Suitable for: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux

Free version: yes

Pricing: Open source

2. Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 is one of the best utilities for cleaning up your computer and getting rid of data that you don’t need. Having tried both this and CCleaner, I can tell that Wise Care 365 provides an equally robust set of tools. The free edition, like CCleaner, effectively separates the basics from the more sophisticated settings.

CCleaner Alternative

Particular praise is warranted for the program’s option to lessen application sloth, as well as its generally more contemporary and streamlined appearance compared to CCleaner. A nice feature is that the registry is backed up automatically before cleaning, and the scanning speed is more than enough. When compared to CCleaner, Wise Care 365 is a clear winner.

Suitable for: Windows OS

Free version: yes

3. Outbyte PC Repair

OutBit Computer Support Software designed to remove unwanted data from your hard drive, such as temporary files, logs, and duplicate documents. The program scans your system for vulnerabilities and helps keep your data safe. It features a basic design that makes it simple to pick up and go with.

CCleaner Alternative

CCleaner is similar to Outbyte PC Repair in terms of how it works, but it isn’t as good because it doesn’t have automatic cleaning or anti-virus features like Outbyte PC Repair does.

Outbyte PC Repair is better than CCleaner because it has an automatic cleaning feature that lets you get rid of temporary files you don’t need without having to go through each folder. It also features an anti-virus component that can help get rid of viruses on your PC to prevent any further damage.

Suitable for: Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7

Free Trial: yes

4. Avast Cleanup

It’s fair to say that Avast Cleanup does a decent job. Most “accidentally” downloaded files will be swiftly deleted. It has far more functionality than a simple virus scan. Avast scans for all sorts of threats, including malware, but also out-of-date software, problematic browser extensions, network issues, leaked documents, and weak passwords.

CCleaner Alternative

CCleaner and Avast Cleanup are both simple to operate and comprehend. These apps’ interfaces are straightforward, so you won’t have to invest a lot of effort in learning their ins and outs. Both have free trial or demo versions that can be downloaded and used to look for and get rid of registry entries that aren’t needed.

One of the best things about Avast Cleanup is that it can go to sleep automatically when the user shuts down their computer. It enables apps to monitor their background processes and put them to sleep.

Suitable for: Windows, Mac, Android

Free Trial: Yes (30 days)

5. Glary Utilities (Free)

When compared to CCleaner, GLARY Utilities It’s a Windows program, so you can get it. It has more than a hundred million users, and it comes with more than twenty tools that can speed up a computer. Disk cleanup is included, and temporary files are deleted in the same way as CCleaner does. Tools like memory optimizers and file deleters are also available.

CCleaner Alternative

The premium edition grants access to all of these, as well as a malware-eradication utility. It’s true that the paid edition of Glary is more expensive and has less features than the free version of CCleaner, but the free version is still the superior alternative.

When comparing Glary with CCleaner, the former has a superior UI because it takes fewer clicks and navigation, while the latter does. This facilitates quick and natural navigation when using Glary Pro. Both are excellent choices that will help you avoid system failures.

Suitable for: Windows

Free version: yes

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Should I use BleachBit instead of CCleaner?

To disinfect a computer, download BleachBit, an open-source program that is free to use. Secure file deletion and one-click clearing of browsing history and cache are only two of the many capabilities it provides.

However, CCleaner is a robust utility that can clear out things like cookies, memory dumps, and obsolete links. Compared to BleachBit, it provides more granular control over how certain applications, such web browsers and disk cleaners, are modified.

In sum, both of these software options have benefits and drawbacks that differ from user to user. In the end, you must decide which software is best for your computer.

What about PrivaZer, compared to CCleaner?

There are benefits and drawbacks to both applications, and the best option will ultimately be determined by the individual user’s specific requirements. In comparison to CCleaner, PrivaZer’s premium edition offers more thorough cleaning options; nonetheless, it can be pricey for consumers on a tight budget.

As an alternative, CCleaner Pro is a cheap option for a minimal PC maintenance suite. Both applications are potent resources that anyone can use to help keep their computer secure and working efficiently.

Has CCleaner been hacked?

Around 2.3 million users of CCleaner were impacted when Avast, the security business that owns CCleaner, initially announced the attack in September 2017. Specifically, the program was written to access sensitive information on a user’s hard drive and transmit it to a server under the control of the hackers.
However, the true nature of the hacking incident, the information acquired, and the identity of those responsible remain unknown despite Avast’s claims that the assault was minor and was promptly corrected. As a result, the security of CCleaner is still up for debate, which could be worrisome for anyone who uses the program for anti-virus or other purposes.

Why has CCleaner stopped working?

It has come as a shock to many computer users that the popular CCleaner application has suddenly ceased functioning.
The cause could be something as simple as using an out-of-date version or installing a program with overlapping features, or it could be something more involved like hardware problems like corrupt files that need to be changed or driver conflicts that haven’t been handled.

When it comes to security, does CCleaner pose a risk?

Many people use CCleaner to keep their computers in peak condition. CCleaner is one of the safest apps available for cleaning your PC, despite its somewhat frightening name.
It will scan your hard disk and erase any unnecessary files that it finds, clearing up space and preventing the disclosure of private information.

When it comes to security, does CCleaner pose a risk?

CCleaner is widely used as a piece of computer optimization software. Although CCleaner may appear dangerous at first glance, it is actually one of the safest PC maintenance tools available. It can scan your hard drive for redundant data and remove it without you having to lift a finger, making your hard drive more secure and freeing up much-needed space.

The bottom line

These alternatives to CCleaner are effective in getting rid of clutter and temporary data. They’re all distinct from one another in their own special ways. It’s possible that some tools are better suited for sophisticated users, while others are better suited for newbies. In the end, it comes down to individual taste.

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