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Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Betting on sports online has never been easier thanks to the many specialized sites that are popping up on the internet. Thus, the vast majority of bookmakers operating in Bangladesh now offer you to bet on sports directly online.

But then what are the best sites in Bangladesh for sports betting? If you don’t have time to read all the comparisons on the internet, here are the best betting sites in Bangladesh according to a large number of users:

  • Parimatch;
  • 1xBet;
  • Melbet;
  • Linebet;

Sports betting, how does it work?

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Online sports betting is a money game based on the prediction of an event (wins, goals, etc.) that could potentially occur during a future sports match. There are a lot of types of sports betting, the simplest of them is simply betting on the victory of a team or an athlete.

Every sports bet has a coefficient calculated and offered by the bookmakers, which is a transcription of the probability that the event will occur. Depending on the amount wagered, the odds allow you to know in advance the amount won by the player if the event occurs.

Bookmakers calculate bet odds by probabilities based on:

  • Statistical data,
  • History of events;
  • Any other relevant information.

Finally, the odds take into account the distribution of amounts wagered by players.


Sports bd betting site Parimatch is currently one of the most popular among Bangladeshi bettors. This bookmaker was founded in 1994 and has a huge number of satisfied users. Moreover, this platform is absolutely safe.


  • Extensive catalog of bets and sports;
  • Personalized loyalty program adapted to the player’s gaming habits;
  • The application is available in real-time;
  • Optimized streaming platform;
  • Very neat site with intuitive navigation;
  • Availability and responsiveness of the support service;
  • Many years of experience in betting;
  • Promotions and regular free bets.


  • Account verification takes a long time.


1xBet bookmaker has quickly established itself as one of the main reference points in the online betting market in Bangladesh.


  • An extensive catalog of sports disciplines for betting;
  • The ergonomic interface of the 1xBet website;
  • High-definition streaming service;
  • Competitive odds;
  • Frequently offered offers, promotions, and free bets.


  • Lack of phone support.


Melbet is an excellent bd betting site that has earned a good reputation for its services. As such, Melbet offers sports betting with some of the highest odds on the market.


  • Particularly attractive odds;
  • Excellent streaming service quality;
  • In the presence of a wide catalog of sports and rates;
  • 24/7 availability of multilingual customer support;
  • The attractiveness of the bonus on the first bet.


  • Limited banking options.


The Linebet platform is a sports betting site that offers gaming features and live video service among others, making it one of the most popular sports betting providers in Bangladesh.


  • Huge catalog of available bets;
  • The quality of the video streaming service;
  • Live betting tools;
  • cash out function;
  • A complete and always available app on your mobile phone.


  • Lack of information provided by the FAQ.


Established in 2020, the sports betting Bangladesh platform ICCWIN has won the hearts of players, in particular, with an attractive signup bonus. ICCWIN is present in several countries around the world, but Bangladesh is especially popular.


  • Ergonomics of the ICCWIN website and its betting history;
  • Large selection of bets and available championships;
  • Round-the-clock availability of customer support service;
  • Numerous free bets are common;
  • Reliable payment methods.


  • Free withdrawal is possible only once a month.

How to win at sports betting?

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Here are some tips to help you maximize your chances of winning your sports betting while limiting your risk.

  • Set yourself a capital for bets, a bankroll based on your real financial capabilities.
  • Take advantage of the welcome offers on Bangladesh best sports betting sites to place your bets and minimize your risks.
  • Compare statistics and compare different forecasts to have all the information available.
  • Be strategic in managing your bets so you can beat losing streaks with ease. Scalable rates and fixed rates are, for example, management strategies that need to be explored in order to eventually be adopted.
  • Always be careful to ensure your long-term profitability.

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