We are running out of ideas about phone cameras. Rumors about the iPhone 16 are more proof

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I dedicate myself to (thankfully) hands-on testing every high-end mobile phone on the market. And I can’t remember the last time I was surprised by some groundbreaking new feature of their photographic hardware. I’m sure that, apart from possible improvements to the sensor (there’s still room), we’ve started to exhaust the possible configurations. In fact, … Read more

Which one to buy? Tips and recommendations

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We can discuss many things about Apple, but not the ability to implement something in the market that, a priori, another company would have a hard time getting to the public. This is the case with accessories like AirTag, which has established itself as a useful tool for identifying everything we consider valuable, especially if … Read more

El Corte Inglés has released this 65-inch Samsung 4K Smart TV with an OLED screen and Dolby Atmos at its lowest price yet.

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A smart TV with adequate size and the most current features can turn our summer afternoons into pure movie and series sessions. this Samsung 65S93CAT It leaves no detail behind and has top-level picture and sound quality. Now, in addition, it is thanks to the reduction of its lowest price English court For 1,499 euros. … Read more