ADHD is a problem for millions of people. Perhaps this was an advantage for our ancestors

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Evolution is funny. It is not a linear phenomenon where organisms accumulate progressive improvements but is produced by random changes that sometimes go well, other times badly. What is an evolutionary advantage today may become a burden to a species tomorrow. This is what some researchers believe happened with so-called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). … Read more

Features, price and technical sheet

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Respect does not stop. After introducing its new Honor 200 and Magic6 ranges, the Chinese firm has just launched its first folding clamshell: Honor Magic V Flip. Like other smartphones in this category, the Magic V Flip offers us an internal screen that folds inwards and a generous external screen through which to interact with … Read more

Features, price and technical sheet

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Vivo is one of the sponsors of the Euro Cup starting today and has taken advantage of this opportunity to introduce its new high-mid-range mobile. The Vivo V40 5G is the latest model in the V series, which has been integrating itself into the manufacturer’s catalog for years, and is finally starting to get the … Read more

Features, price and technical sheet

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POCO has just introduced its new batch of high-end smartphones: POCO F6. series, consisting of POCO F6 and POCO F6 Pro, stands out for offering power, battery and screen with high-end features at a very attractive price. So much so that it is possible to get a smartphone with 16 GB RAM, 1 TB internal … Read more