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In the middle of 2024 it seems that surprising the Internet is complicated, but it is not. A new trend resonates with security and privacy enthusiasts: Wrap the phone in aluminum foil. Purpose? Make a kind of cage Faraday To prevent our phone from being tracked.

Our colleagues at BDtechsupport Móvil debunked the myth earlier in the year, although it doesn’t hurt to remember the absurdity of the practice. Reason: Every phone has a button to achieve the same purpose.

The meme of the silver aluminum foil hat has gone too far: there are some who are considering whether covering the phone with this material is effective in preventing it from being located.

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In theory, the practice should work: a sufficiently thick layer of aluminum should block any kind of electromagnetic waves from the phone, such as from WiFi or Bluetooth.

Indeed, the theory works. If we wrap with the phone quite Aluminum foil, the phone is no longer reachable. You can’t receive calls, you can’t connect to mobile networks or WiFi, and Bluetooth stops working. But while science prevails, practice means little for something very simple: airplane mode.

BDtechsupport Mobile
BDtechsupport Mobile

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Just press the airplane mode button on Android to disable phone connections If we don’t believe they’re disconnected, look for specific WiFi, Bluetooth, or mobile data settings to turn it off completely.

A slightly more radical option, but much less than wrapping the phone in aluminum foil, Phone must be turned off. It is true that some devices, such as iPhones, store a small portion of energy so that search networks can detect it. But, again, if we don’t want such networks to be able to find our phone, it’s enough to not allow it to do so.

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