Google has a plan for the Pixel 9 for the iPhone 16 Pro: use its same screen

I don’t want to be excited. But I’m excited. For generations, the Google Pixel has been second in line to the high-end. They never had the best processor, the best screen, or the most sophisticated hardware. Leaks and rumors about the Pixel 9 make clear a new Google philosophy: they want to compete directly with the iPhone.

The latest rumor comes from Etnews and reconfirms what we already thought: this year we will indeed be looking at a top-of-the-line phone. In particular, it has been leaked that Samsung Display will be in charge of distributing the M14 panel in the Pixel 9 series models? It’s the same codename as the panel on the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max.

Pixel’s best screen. Since last year, Google has started taking the screen issue more seriously. 2,000 nits proof of its Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel 8 and 8a. Yes, there are cell phones that promise more nits, but as an analyst who has tested all three, I can assure you that the cell phones with the best screens don’t promise as many nits.

Korean sources tell us that “Samsung has placed an order with Display Co. for M14 materials and has begun preparations for production. Google and Apple smartphones are under application.”

The Samsung M series refers to the Korean manufacturer’s highest quality panels. These panels stand out the most in terms of maximum brightness and useful life.

Why it’s relevant (though it may not be enough). A panel on par with the iPhone 16 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra (who teamed up with Corning to put panels with the lowest light reflection on the market right now) is key to this message. Launched in a complete way: a Pixel that wants to go head-to-head with the most expensive mobile phones on the market.

That won’t be the only novelty of these phones. Its processor will be the Google Tensor G4 if the leak is true, an SoC that aims to be faster, though not as fast as Snapdragons. Leaks suggest that by 2025 the Pixels will bid farewell to Samsung’s manufacturing process and be manufactured by TSMC.

Nevertheless, Tensor, built by Samsung and Google, is betting on components if this is the last year the top In the rest of the set, it will be a phone with a lot of compelling arguments in the high end.

A change of strategy. A small pixel with trim space, a high-end pixel with everything and a mid-range pixel This is the strategy Google currently has with its Pixels in Spain. With the Pixel 9, photography will change.

  • Google Pixel 9 Pro XL
  • Google Pixel 9 Pro
  • Google Pixel 9

These are the rumored models for the Pixel 9: a more modest Pixel 9 model and two Pro variants, separated only by size. Equivalent to iPhone 16, 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max.

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