Why jet lag is worse traveling east than traveling west

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A few days ago Marco Castelli she was thinking If there is a scientific reason why your jetlag is worse when traveling east than when traveling west. Castelli is certainly not alone. For decades, that ‘feeling’ has been the ABC of all who regularly travel transatlantic. And, over the years, this has been scientifically proven. The question is why.

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Honor 200 and 200 Pro are like this

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Honor has just introduced the Honor 200 and Honor 200 Pro, two new high-end models in its home country. While the Magic Pro range remains the star in the crown, these two phones come with a lot to say and a full arsenal of specifications up their sleeves. They are its successors Honor 100 seriesKey … Read more

AI was all over the place at the recent Google I/O. And incidentally, it left me without what I expected in Android 15: PC Mode

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Less than two months ago, promising news emerged: Google is planning to introduce a “PC mode” to Android. The latest preview version of Android 14 (specifically, QPR3 beta 2.1) shows the user experience when connecting the Pixel 8 Pro to a monitor, giving us hope back. like me They have been waiting for something like … Read more

ADHD is a problem for millions of people. Perhaps this was an advantage for our ancestors

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Evolution is funny. It is not a linear phenomenon where organisms accumulate progressive improvements but is produced by random changes that sometimes go well, other times badly. What is an evolutionary advantage today may become a burden to a species tomorrow. This is what some researchers believe happened with so-called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). … Read more