EU wants removable batteries in 2027. According to Kuo, Apple has already started working.

The European Union wants changes to battery replacements in 2027. Specifically, it states that from this year “portable batteries included in devices must be removable and replaceable.“, A line that is not very well defined.

Technically, any phone battery is already “removable and replaceable”, apart from the fear that the process is more or less accessible to the average user. Despite this, as we expected, everything indicates that the new EU objectives will have a direct impact on manufacturers.

Apple is already working on it. With the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro, Apple has adopted a new material: titanium. It left aside the stainless steel that’s been with us for generations, but Kuo predicts the material is about to make a comeback.

Changes imposed by the EU for 2027 make batteries easily replaceable. Apple’s plan? According to Kuo, implementing a dual purpose stainless steel coating. The first is to meet EU demands and make it easier to remove batteries.

Second, allows the battery’s energy density to increase (between 5 and 10%, as explained in Medium).

Easy battery replacement isn’t the only plan. According to InformationThis won’t be Apple’s only plan to change its battery drain

The company will work on a system to replace the classic adhesive tabs that hold the battery in place with a metal support that opens using an electric current. This will be a new solution to simplify the process.

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Samsung must continue on its way. Apple isn’t alone with these changes: All phone makers are required to make it easier to remove their batteries Samsung is the company that makes the process the most difficult. to the extent that iFixit has stopped working with the company Due to the high level of difficulty in changing components in their phones.

In future Galaxy generations, the battery replacement system will need to be changed to make it easier. Same goes for the rest of the manufacturers.

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