This is what I experienced after a week on video 24/7

If you want to buy a mobile phone under 500 euros in 2024, the Samsung Galaxy A55 is going to be the phone you should consider. You have to know that it is the twin brother of its predecessor in 90% category from last year. It is a Galaxy A54 2.0. At least that’s what I came to the conclusion after spending a full week thoroughly using Samsung’s new bet for a mid-range of phones.

I have been testing the Galaxy A55 as my personal phone and a month after its launch I am going to tell you how my experience with it has been on a day-to-day basis. Here I leave you to us 24/7 on video with the Samsung Galaxy A55.

Samsung Galaxy A55 is a very solid and complete mid-range phone that performs well in most occasions. Good screen, stable performance in most cases, one of the best batteries in the mid-range, 4 years of updates and a camera that we can put at the top of this price range due to its general performance.

It’s not the most comfortable phone you’ll ever have in your hands, but if you like larger devices, for around 470 euros you can ask for more. The best mid-range phone of 2024 without a doubt. I am telling all my experience in video.

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