Drone acro simulator APK 1.6 Free Android

About Drone acro simulator APK 1.6 Free Android

Drone acro simulator is a simulation game designed for drone enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves with unique flying skills. The game offers players an opportunity to practice high-level acrobatic maneuvers with vibrant graphics and captivating sound. With flexible environmental design, the game takes players through diverse maps, from urban cities to wild landscapes, where their flying abilities are put to the ultimate test. Players also get a chance to explore new territories and marvel at the beauty of modern cities, lush forests, and majestic waterfalls from a unique aerial perspective. The game helps players hone their acrobatic drone flying skills, where they must master every jump, roll, and 360-degree spin. Additionally, players get to fulfill their dream of flying like a drone expert as they soar in the virtual sky. The game encourages creativity in every aerial performance, where players can turn their artistic dreams into reality and conquer the sky with their unique style and flair. To download and install the Drone Acro Simulator APK 1.6, players can visit Google Play.


1. Realistic drone simulation: The APK offers a realistic simulation of a drone flying experience, with accurate physics and controls that mimic the experience of flying a real drone.

2. Multiple game modes: Drone acro simulator APK offers various game modes such as free flight, time attack, and challenges, providing a variety of different gameplay styles to keep the user engaged.

3. Customizable drone: The APK allows the user to customize the drone with various parts and designs, giving the user a more personal touch and enabling them to fly their drone the way they want it.

4. Breathtaking graphics: The APK features stunning high-quality graphics and scenery, which offer the user an immersive flying experience.

5. Training mode: The APK provides various training modes that guide the user on how to fly the drone through different obstacles and maneuvers.

6. Leaderboards: Users can compare their scores with others on the leaderboards, adding a competitive aspect to the game.

7. Multiple camera angles: The APK provides the option to switch between multiple camera angles, including first-person and third-person views, allowing the user to fly their drone from various perspectives.

8. Regular updates: The APK is regularly updated with better features, bug fixes, and improved gameplay experience, making it a reliable and constantly evolving platform.

Where Can I download this apk?

Pros and Cons

1. Provides a realistic drone flying experience with accurately simulated physics and controls.
2. Offers different levels of difficulty to challenge pilots of varying skill levels.
3. Allows for practicing and perfecting acrobatic maneuvers without risking damage to a real drone.
4. Has a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls.
5. Free to download and use.

1. Limited availability of flying locations and obstacles.
2. May not be as engaging for those who are not interested in drone acrobatics.
3. Graphics may not be as advanced compared to other mobile games.
4. Requires a device with decent hardware specifications to run smoothly.
5. Lack of multiplayer options or online leaderboard for competitive play.


In conclusion, Drone acro simulator APK 1.6 is a brilliant free Android application that offers an immersive experience for drone enthusiasts and beginners alike. With realistic environments, challenging missions, and customizable drones, it provides an excellent opportunity to hone one’s flying skills. The app is user-friendly, and the controls are intuitive, making it accessible to people of all ages. Overall, the Drone acro simulator APK 1.6 is a must-have application for anyone who loves drones and wants to take their flying skills to the next level. Download it today and enjoy the thrill of flying a drone without leaving your house.