This Bluetooth speaker is powerful and very affordable, delivers quality sound and will be the life of your party this summer.

If you are one of those looking for a good Bluetooth speaker for the summer and it is an essential requirement for you that it is powerful and of good quality, both in construction and sound, without paying a little money for it, Tronsmart Bang SE He is the candidate. For very little money, you can get one that has all these features, although you have to hurry: you can find it in a flash sale on Amazon, for only 55.63 euros.

Tronsmart Bang SE

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Buy Tronsmart Bang SE at the best price

Tronsmart Bang Se 2
Tronsmart Bang Se 2

The official price of this speaker is 79.99 euros and usually sells for around 70 euros. Now we’ve got it at that tight 55.63 euros We will save about 15 euros on your purchase, in addition to shipping costs. Shipping is fast, by the way; We can get it home in less than three days.

We are talking about a powerful, relatively large Bluetooth speaker, although it is not the largest (the brand has three models above it).

this is Tronsmart Bang SE offers us 40W power Total with simple cylindrical design but with a top handle. So it’s a model designed to be carried everywhere, with Weight about 2.16 kgAlthough this is the only model from the brand with this type of design that includes a strap for carrying over the shoulder.

It delivers clear and crisp sound, even at maximum volume, and its bass is strong. In addition, it includes functions SoundPulse With which the brand improves simple sound equivalence at the push of a button. It can be linked to a second speaker to achieve more surround sound.

This is a very complete speaker. On the one hand, it has RGB LED lighting, with three different usage modes that can also be turned off to reduce battery consumption. On the other hand, it also offers Bluetooth 5.3 USB-A port, a 3.5mm auxiliary jack port and a MicroSD card slot as an additional audio source. Auxiliary cables are included in the box.

Tronsmart Bang Se 3
Tronsmart Bang Se 3

It is waterproof, with IPX6 certification and as far as autonomy is concerned, its battery lasts about 15 hours of playback with medium volume and LED lights off. It charges via USB-C (cable supplied) but in addition, Bang SE can be used as Power bankProvides charging to our smartphone through USB port when we need it.

In short: you can’t ask for more for the price on this offer.

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