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Details of FaceApp Pro APK

Name FaceApp Pro APK 4.3.4
Requirements 5.0
Version 4.3.4
Size 31.44 MB
Developer FaceApp Inc
Get it io.faceapp
Updated 2020-07-12
MOD At the
Price Free

FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download, with the advent of smartphones, mobile photography has reached another level. If before people were only interested in more static and spontaneous photographs, the current scenario is quite different.

Today’s fashion is to be able to play and imagine what things would be like through your own images and photographs. Thus, people love to have fun with their images in the most unusual ways. Before, to view an older or younger image of yourself, you either used your imagination or hired a good image editor.


But today, with the advances in Artificial Intelligence, this is possible to be done at the touch of your fingers by an application that revolutionized the industry: FaceApp PRO! The darling app of celebrities that caught the world’s attention.

Through this application, people are able to visualize themselves older. Then, suddenly, thousands of people started asking themselves the following question: How will I be in 30, 40 or 50 years from now?

But the old feature of the app is not the only one it offers. You can photograph and look at your grandparents.

For this purpose, FaceApp Pro currently has the most advanced artificial intelligence features on the market. Therefore, it is possible to modify the background of your photos, apply filters, add smiles and even use the perfect make-up for the day or night.

FaceApp PRO APK 2021 free download features

Announcements are no longer blocked. It’s no secret that ads make you very irritated. You can get rid of them by downloading . This not only gives you access to all the features of the app’s PRO version, but also makes yourself ad-free.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing (AI). The new version of the face change application features artificial intelligence which is much smarter and capable of achieving feats never before seen. Is there a gender change in the pictures? It’s not an issue. Put on a beard and get older? Silence was there. All of this simultaneously? Artificial intelligence will accomplish it!


This image has no watermark. How do I send your selfies and edited photos in a much more personalized and watermarked way? Thanks to the application, you are no longer affected by this problem. Now is the time to download the app and say farewell to watermarks.

Selfies which are perfect. The new artificial intelligence features will virtually free your modified selfies from imperfections. The visual effects are amazing.

New hairstyles were launched. You and your family can enjoy new hairstyles, color changes and more by adding new styles. You can choose from a number of super current models. The app can even help you to decide on a haircut. Do this by taking a selfie, changing it and showing it to your hairstylist. He is going to be pleasantly surprised!

Artificial information can even help you select the right hairstyle. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

A beautiful smile is a must-have. Is your photographs too solemn possible? Reframe those moments and give your old photographs a little more joy. Just make a few minor modifications to the application and you’re done! Your smile is ready to see the world. Get FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download.


Cosmetics application. Experiment with various make-up looks and see how you can present yourself in another way! Just before you purchase your favorite cosmetics, try it. Isn’t that great!?

There’s much more to self-perfection. You can take photos that look like they belong to a magazine with the right selfie filter. You must touch them with your fingers to keep your selfies free of defects and impress your friends and followers. Get FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download.

Hallucinating transformations. FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download has been updated with even more surprising filters and changes. Change your hair color and style, apply color filters, apply makeup (day or night), blur lenses, add a smile, and more using the latest in technology to edit neural images!

History is changing. I mean, who didn’t have a picture to remove the background? However, this is not easy to achieve, particularly in terms of quality. You can remove the backgrounds of the images with a few swipes of your fingers. Have you got a nice picture you need to include in the profile of your social business network, such as Instagram or Facebook? You can download and use FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download to resolve the problem quickly. Get FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download.


Add a few tattoos to the mixture. Would you like to see how that tattoo will turn out that you always wanted? It’s not cool to regret a tattoo, would it? So, take a good picture of your body and simulate it with your body. It makes you feel much more secure before you tattoo your body, besides being a lot of fun. Just download and follow the on-screen instructions for the FaceApp PRO APK.

FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download– The complete and unlocked version of FaceApp is complete and unlocked.

Prepare for an endless world of entertainment and enjoyment. Imagine yourself as an elder and be amazed at the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Give updated and re-touched photos of your grandparents and family when they are younger. You can apply filters, add or remove bars with a button, change the hairstyle, and make up virtually.

Just download the FaceApp PRO APK, select your favorite images, change them and share with others. Several famous individuals and influencers from around the world have already modified their images. It’s your turn now.

How FaceApp can be used

It’s very easy to use. To begin with, either download your selfie from the phone library of your smartphone or take a selfie with the camera. Before you can, you must first give the application a permission to access the library of your phone. Make sure the image frame is focused on your face on the screen. Select any style and FaceApp takes care of the rest. Please remember that only if your device is connected to the Internet will the app work.

Change your age

In just a few easy steps, you can take a funny selfie photo. You don’t change your age as your age changes in real life. Most FaceApp users enjoy the Old feature, allowing them to turn their faces into elderly. Young is an app that allows you to have a childlike baby surface, but not very popular because the pictures are not very detailed or realistic.

Change your sexual focus

FaceApp allows you to change the character’s gender in the image, one of its most popular characteristics. From a man to a woman, and vice versa… All this can be done in a few simple steps.

Many filters are available

FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download offers a range of special features and filters. Due to the cute smile replaced your serious face, the Smile function helps to make serious pictures funny. You can also change the gender of two by changing their faces from male to female and vice versa. You can save a photo to your gallery or share it on social media after you have found a photo you like. You can spend a good time with friends and family sharing fun photos.

Additional characteristics include in faceapp pro apk

  • add tattoos to the mix.
  • Make someone smile. Make someone smile.
  • You have to choose from many color filters, and the lighting is beautiful.
  • Switch background to a different one.
  • Make-up is a key part of the process.
  • Create your own hairstyle.
  • FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download AI selects filters and modes for you automatically.

Download FaceApp Pro APK 2021 free download (MOD Unlocked) for Android.

Thanks to its large user base, FaceApp is constantly improved and updated. The publisher strives to keep the site up to date so that you can gain the best experience possible. It’s a fantastic iOS and Android app for photo editing and it’s fully free. You can use extended $3.99 per month or you can download our FaceApp Pro free of charge from the link below.

Final Words

After the editing has been finished, you will most probably need to sharpen the picture and Lightroom to make it look more professional!

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