Zooper widget pro apk v 2.60 APK – Best Version

Zooper widget pro apk v 2.60 APK

Zooper widget pro apk
Zooper widget pro apk

Zooper widget pro apk, the sample templates quickly no functional limit tons of variables and controls is the for the battery info remaining time. In this app, fonts already included additional to this widget. 

To build your style, you have to customize this app from settings. This app is customizable and battery friendly. You can add it to the home screen. This app is full of math expressions supported like star trek stardate. 

What’s in Zooper widget pro apk?

App Name Zooper widget pro apk
App Size 6+ MB
Version v2.60
Downloads 500,000,00+
App Updated On Latest   

Many fonts already added on sdcard fonts. The additional can be added to this widget. You can download anything else from the template section. It has the date calculations countdown time. 

These templates included the color text shapes position to create your templates easily. There is no functional limit tons of variables and controls to use it. The zooper widget on tap action config lock and module click action in real-time.

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The custom fonts already included in this app. The extremely customizable and battery friendly app this is. To build your templates quickly, there is no functional limit of tons of variables and controls. You can download it from the play store.

About Zooper widget pro-Apk

People all over the world like to use a smartphone. People love to use a smartphone for Android OS. because there are so many customizations of Android are increasing day by day. 

That is why people love to use an Android phone in their hands. There are so many themes loans are users, and many more meter are available in Android smartphones that can help everyone to customize their smartphone.  

I really love to use our phone to be well decorated in a short time. This mobile experience is much more on right now. At first, we like to use an Android phone for a different kind of launcher sitting like Nova Launcher Smart Launcher and more. 

In this article, I will tell you about some Wizard app like Zooper widget Pro-Apk. Zooper Widget APK Is the best app with two different kinds of matter.  

This app belongs to the free version and paid version. If you want to use a free version, then you should use the correct version of Zooper Widget Pro APK.

 This app is totally free with the many more features open. Near you’ll find the latest version of Zooper Widget Pro APK. You can make a comparison with The Other app by this Zooper Widget Pro APK.

 Here, you know the detail information of Zooper Widget Pro APK for installing in your Android device. Yeah, you’ll find the download link Zooper Widget Pro APK. So is gone away exciting topic to discuss Zooper Widget Pro APK.

About Zooper Widget APK

Zooper Widget APK is the best utility tool For Android users. The developer of cooper Widget APK is made with the best feature. The developer of this app is MYCOLORSCREEN. 

This widget helps you to add it to your home screen easily. This is the best widget application right now. The appearance of the mobile will enhance your phone with the best User experience. I will help you to get the best widget feature for using a smartphone.

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About Zooper Widget Pro APK

Zooper Widget Pro APK Is the paid version of the Zooper Widget free version. The settled version costume mass more money to buy it. Because this widget has many more features. That Fisher is available in the free version.

India free version user may not be able to get some exclusive feature for using Zooper Widget free version. But in the paid version user will get the page feature for using the best experience of Zooper Widget Pro Apk.  

This application in the Google Play Store scores for. 5-star rating from the user. The User experience of this app is favorable to the developer. Over 600 million users use this app.  

In the app, version is completely get at the free experience and much more exceptional feature that’s not in the Zooper Widget free version.

Features of Zooper Widget Pro APK

Best Customizable Widgets

Zooper Widget Pro Apk Is the best customizable Widgets right now. Users can get quickly at the height weight and another easily. In the Widgets, the user can easily order any other widget with this app. Users can take any other widgets From the available requirement easily. User can easily add or remove some information that they don’t need to take it. 

Works with all launchers

Zooper Widget Pro Works with all launcher that kind of Nova Launcher, pixel launcher Armand launcher. You can easily at this launcher with this Zooper Widget Pro. 20 widget perform as a best with all kind of the launcher.

Compatible with Third-party Widgets

From the online, you can easily at the third party Widgets to the Zooper Widget Pro. This app supports third party Widgets. You can also the specific Widgets from the mean you whatever you want to change. But you have to permit us to improve anything or to provide the location with permission to use it.

Zooper widget pro apk
Features of Zooper Widget Pro APK

Show System Info

Zooper Widget Pro shows system info to use them more attractive to the user. This app is the extra information about the system of your phone like storage capacity battery uses system signal for more information like messages calling information mail etc.

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Inbuilt a lot of feature of these Widgets

In thisZooper Widget Pro APK, you will have the may inbuild feature like the place, weather, fever and battery capability, etc.

Other Features of Zooper Widget Pro APK

  • It has a lot of custom fonts. You may add additional fonts.
  • There is no functional limit, variables and controls to create own templates easily.
  • It has a WYSIWYG editor with layers like Photoshop.
  • Customize and build it with changing shapes, color, text position and more.
  • Customize week number, day of the year and number to text.
  • It has a calendar event, countdown, time to or from any date like Date calculations.
  • It supports Math expressions.
  • It shows Battery’s remaining time, voltage, percentage, temperature, etc.
  • It has multiple timezones on the same widget.
  • It has an Open Weather Map that for various locations on the same widget.
  • It has inbuilt system pieces of information like uptime, next alarm, SD card space, cell operator, WiFi network name, connection type, signal strength, Missed calls, unread SMS, unread Gmail.

How to install Zooper Pro apk?

It’s easy to install Zooper Pro Apk. You don’t need Quarry to fix it. Easy to install APK with any Android phone. This software is free to use, and you can easily understand how to install it. There is no other complexity to install this Widget.

Step 1: At first, you have to download Zooper Widget Pro APK from the download section in this article. 

install Zooper Pro apk
install Zooper Pro apk

Step 2: Once you downloaded, Then There is just a way to install the Zooper Widget Pro APK to your smartphone. 

Step 3: Select the download folder where you have downloade3d it. Use a file manager to find that location. Then open the downloaded folder.

Step 4: Tap on the Zooper Widget Pro APK and continue to install it.

Step 5: After installing, Open Zooper Widget Pro APK and enjoy its pro features.

How to insert a widget on your Home Screen on my phone?

Step 1: For this reason, You have the home screen with a blank widget. Then tap on the home screen and select the option from the menu to see widgets.

Step 2: Then, you will have to scroll down to the widgets list to open Zooper Widgets. You must select a 4*2 layout to get the best appearance on the home screen.

Step 3: After selecting the layout, you can modify it. Tap on Start, and the Zooper app will be open. You may change its inbuild layout. 

How to Customize the Zooper Widget?


 Without limitations, you can easily customize Zooper Widget Pro. For tailoring, you have to insert this wizard from the home screen to customize it. After adding it to the home screen then you can easily edit it as you want. 

Step -2

 In this app, there is a set of the sun that you can easily change anything by scrolling down to increase or decrease the size of the widget.


 Out of this app, the layout is the best. You can change the layout section from the module in time.

Best Zooper Widget Templates

Europa Zooper

From all Zooper Widget, the Europa Zooper template is the best template. It has incredible skin to see. It connected with different types of wallpapers in stock. It has a unique template feature. From the Google Play, the rating of this template is 4.5 out of 5.0.

Fox Zooper Template

Fox Zooper Template Is the best template for the Zooper. If you want to like the base design of any model, then you must like this template. It has an excellent inbuilt beautiful weather clock that clock and Battery Widget percentage. From the Google Play, the rating of this template is 4.6 out of 5.0.

Ocea Zooper

Ocea Zooper Is one of the best templates for zooper pro apk. Because there is a unique inbuilt wallpaper that looks attractive to use it. If you are in a good mood, then you must use this template.

You may use this template to buy it from the preview. From the Google Play, the rating of this template is 4.5 out of 5.0.

Trident 2 for Zooper

Trident 2 for Zooper is a paid version complete of these Zooper. You can enjoy a lot of features without getting annoying ads. You can enjoy the premium version of this app. this template looks like Samsung Galaxy S9 widgets. Google Play, rating of this template is 4.6 out of 5.0.

PixUp Zooper

 It is one of the best templates of Zooper Pro Apk. You can enjoy a lot of opinion future by this template. This template is different from the model. This template looks like Nova Launcher Prime. 

This template is designed with user-friendly. Google Play, rating of this template is 4.4 out of 5.0.

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Premium Zooper Template

It is the best and most acceptable template for the Zooper Module app. there are lots of widgets smartphones. But, the premium zooper template is the best. From the Google Play, the rating of this template is 4.7 out of 5.0.

FAQs of Zooper widget pro apk

  1. Does Zooper Widget use a lot of battery?

    Zooper Widget is designed with the optimum to see the view. 20 widget husband table off by will optimize off battery saving in Android. If your phone is in the sleeping mode, then no battery as Amazone will be taken by this app. 
    No displaying such kind of information without draining your battery. Nothing is running in the background section. So this Zooper will not use a lot of battery.

  2. What are the ‘must-have’ apps for Android and iOS?

    Zooper widget pro-Apk is the must-have app at this time. You can use this app.

  3. How to change color in zooper widget pro apk?

    You can change its color from the setting option. You can change the background color also.

  4. How much Memory does Zooper Widget use?

    There is a little bit of data to be stored in this app. because the devil offers well to optimize this app. The low or high-level memory device can support this app. VISA will not take a considerable amount of memory from your phone.

  5. The Widget says “Rotate to start” but I cannot rotate the screen?

    Not a problem at all. Because this app is developed, it is common that can work automatically, especially from different devices. You can change the setting from the option that can be check or uncheck from the screen.

Download Zooper widget pro apk

Final Thoughts

Zooper Pro Apk Widget Is the best visit that I ever saw. You must enjoy this Pro apk version. You can easily customize this app from the setting of the sun. This application is the lightweight application that can be able to perform the of the widget. This is the main widget for any Android smartphone. You can see this visit on the home screen. 

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