Xiaomi 15 Pro camera leaked. Great unknowns about this model remain unresolved

If there are no surprises, the presentation of the Xiaomi 15 Pro is still a few months away. This phone will be Xiaomi’s flagship by 2025 and, if the company follows tradition, it will only be surpassed by a future Xiaomi 15 Ultra. While the latter will be Xiaomi’s flagship photographic model for 2025, the Xiaomi 15 Pro won’t be far behind.

The phone is expected to be unveiled in October this year and we won’t see it in Europe until early next year. However, the specifications regarding the key point of this phone have already been completely leaked: its cameras.

Xiaomi 15 Pro camera, according to leaks

comes from the leak WeiboChina, and that makes a lot of sense considering photographic hardware Xiaomi 14 Pro. It will be repeated with the same configuration at the resolution level: all sensors will have 50 megapixels, from the main sensor to the ultra-wide angle and telephoto lenses.

The Xiaomi 15 Pro will directly compete with the upcoming Xiaomi 15 Ultra if it mounts a one-inch sensor

The sensor, for its part, will become what all high-end devices need: a one-inch sensor. In particular, a new OmniVision OV50K, a big proposition to compete with the best phones on the market As for the telephoto lens, it will feature a new batch of Sony sensors, the IMX882.

Tipster Experience More (via PlayfulDroid) claims that the Xiaomi 15 Pro will have a triple camera setup with three 50-megapixel cameras. The setup uses a 1-inch OmniVision OV50K main sensor, a Sony IMX882 telephoto sensor (3x optical zoom) and an ultra-wide-angle lens as the only sensor to keep it hidden.

The question is not which cameras will be there, but which countries it will reach

Despite the leaks, the big question with the Xiaomi 15 Pro is not what configuration its cameras will follow, but what will happen with this model outside of China. Historically, Xiaomi has brought its Pro models to our region, as a premium alternative to the Xiaomi 1X family.

In recent years, the launch of Ultra models has made the Pro an intermediate version, less attractive than the Ultra and with a fairly small price difference that drives sales towards the more capable model.

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With a one-inch sensor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon of the same generation as the Ultra model and some discreet hardware differences, it’s worth considering what makes more sense: launching a high-end at a more reasonable price or launching a true flagship as the highest ticket possible.

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