The ultimate AI device

Carl Pei doesn’t want to be left out of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. The co-founder of OnePlus and current CEO of Nothing confirmed that there is no better device than AI today. Smartphone which we use every day. Starting from this foundation, Dr. Executive provided some details About the company’s future plans, and showed some of its recent progress.

Pei envisions a world where apps as we know them no longer exist Instead, our smartphone’s operating system “knows everything” and can act on behalf of the user Part of it reminds us of the Rabbit R1, a device that connects directly to various services to perform tasks, for example, ordering an Uber, although it quickly disappointed many.

An assistant who will do everything for you

The businessman points out that this future will not come overnight, but they have started working towards it. In particular, one part of his team focused on designing AI experience Which will be integrated into their next phone. One of the new features is a redesigned home screen that is a “contextual information center” rather than an application launcher.

As we can see in the video, the system should be able to understand the context of what is shown on the screen and extract relevant information. For example, clicking on a scheduled flight displays its QR code without opening an application or an overlay window. The idea goes further. We should be able to use mobile phones directly with our voice, similar to the ‘Har’ movie proposition.

Phone 2 PDP Glyph Header Desktop
Phone 2 PDP Glyph Header Desktop

Nothing Phone (2)

We have no desire to think of this assistant as our “best friend”. We also saw a preview of it in the video. Walid, a software engineer at the company, Speak fluently With the voice assistant you just customized. For its part, it reminds us of the GPT-4o-based voice mode that OpenAI presented a few weeks ago, in fact, its interface seems identical.


It’s possible that Nothing has partnered with OpenAI to push these kinds of features to its smartphones, but it’s also possible that it’s an independent venture. We do not have any information on this at this time. We know that some AI news will come to the Nothing Phone (3), a rumored mobile phone that is now official and will be launched next year.

OpenAI is preparing its next revolution for ChatGPT.  One that is copied from Rabbit R1

The London-based company’s announcement comes at a time when major tech companies are raising their bets on AI. Rumors suggest that Apple is also working on a new version of Siri that will be able to control the iPhone and its apps, possibly powered by Google or OpenAI, and will be unveiled at WWDC 2024.

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