Pathaan Movie Leaked on Tamilrockers – Download Pathan movie Telegram Link

About Pathaan Movie Leaked on Tamilrockers – Download Pathan movie Telegram Link

The highly-anticipated Bollywood movie, Pathan, directed by renowned filmmaker Siddharth Anand, starring the Bollywood legend, Shahrukh Khan, has unfortunately been leaked online. The film had created quite a stir due to a series of controversies during its production, but the director and producers made adjustments to iron out the issues. Despite these complications, the film was released successfully on 24 January, adding another milestone to Shahrukh Khan’s illustrious film repertoire.

Scripted by Sridhar Madhawan, the film revolves around three characters portrayed by Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham, and Deepika Padukone. The film was produced through the well-respected production house – Yes Raj Films. The multi-lingual film was released simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada across Indian cinemas on the same day.

Severe concerns arose when it was made known that this much-anticipated film has been leaked on the notorious Tamilrockers online platform. This act of piracy was rumoured to be in high-definition print, a speculation made by multiple internet sources, raising potential woes for the film’s director, financiers, and producers. The producers and management teams of the movie and the production house have been urged to take swift action on these online platforms where the movie is illegally available.

Pathan is under production by Yes Raj Films and their producer Aditya Chopra. The screenplay is the creative brainchild of Sridhar Madhwan. The noteworthy music score is provided by Vishal Shekhar. The language of the film is Hindi, belonging to the thriller genre. Running at a total length of approximately 2 hours and 26 minutes, the film consists of action, suspense, and gripping drama.

The film faced a backlash from certain religious organisations in India due to a specific comment in one of the songs. These issues were addressed swiftly with the required scene being re-edited for clearance by the censor board. Despite this, Tamilrockers along with other notorious piracy websites like Filmyzilla, and uTorrent have leaked high-definition prints of the movie online, creating shockwaves in the Indian cinema fraternity and causing potential loss of revenue.

Despite facing various challenges and criticism from certain religious organisations, the Pathan team has a lot of hope pinned on the audience’s response. The fans have been eagerly waiting to see Shahrukh Khan, after a series of box-office failures, in an entirely new action avatar. The film has made a commendable debut in the cinemas, and with the applause it is amassing, it could well be expected to break several records in the days to come.

The leak of the film is indeed a serious setback. Bollywood’s recently released film Pathan, featuring the powerhouse trio, Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham, and Deepika Padukone, has managed to generate a significant amount of buzz. The film produced under the Yash Raj banner, comes as a former array of movies under the same banner had failed at the box office. Given the massive fan following and the hype surrounding the release, the producers hoped that Pathan would signal Shahrukh Khan’s triumphant comeback.

In the aftermath of the leak, it is emphasized that viewers must not rely on unofficial links available online for these pirated movies. Downloading such videos from illegitimate sources can potentially risk the safety of their devices as well as violate copyright laws and regulations. The only credible way to watch the movie Pathan is through authorized OTT channels, and any other method is an infringement of rights and is punishable by law.

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In conclusion, the illegal leaking of the movie “Pathaan” on platforms like Tamilrockers and Telegram poses a significant concern for the film industry. It results in a substantial loss of revenue for the filmmakers and could potentially ruin the hard work put into making the movie. Such activities are a violation of copyright laws and stringent actions must be taken against these unlawful acts. As responsible viewers, individuals should opt for legitimate means to watch movies and discourage piracy.


Disclaimer: This text is provided purely as news content for informational purposes and in no way encourages, endorses, supports or promotes piracy or illegal downloading of copyrighted material including movies. Piracy is considered a serious offense and is punishable under copyright law. As per the Indian Copyright Act, 1957, unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or display of copyrighted material is punishable by fines and imprisonment. We highly encourage our readers to abstain from such activities and support the film industry by choosing legal platforms to watch or download movies.