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Oppo! The fastest-growing mobile brand.


So far Oppo is known as the fastest rising smartphone brand in the world. But how many know what is the journey behind this success? This article is all about the glorious journey of the Oppo mobile brand.

As we all know Oppo mainly is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company and subsidiary of BBK electronics. Oppo was launched in 2004.

By the year 2016, the brand became the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China and was placed in the top mobile brand in the world. Can you imagine, in 12 years they can achieve this success?

Oppo started its journey as a manufacturer of MP3 and DVD players. In 2005 the company launched its first MP3 player. Then they expanded their production to Blu-ray players, amplifiers, and headphones.

From these devices, the company’s headphones have gained rave reviews from the users for their excellent quality and high performance.

In their high-end headphones, they empowered 5G and other technologies. In 2008, Oppo introduced their first Blu-ray player named BDP-83 which is still the most highly recommended player. Now they produce a third generation of universal players.

In 2008 Oppo turned to producing mobile phones and started journey with the Smile Phone that is a feature phone which has a smiley face emoji on the back.

For its unique design, the phone receives great attraction. So they decided to expand their business worldwide and in 2009 Oppo launched their product in Thailand which is the first step of the global expansion.

After that, Oppo released some smartphones such as R819 / R819T, but who knows. With the Find series, Oppo joined in smartphone revelation, and you must hear about the Find series. From that, the brand brings about so much innovation.

Oppo’s N and R series are also quite famous among the people. In December 2013, Oppo introduced The N1 was the world’s first prominent model that had a rotating camera feature.

That camera can be used for both back and front. In 2013 the company launched the proprietary operating system ColorOS. From then every smartphone of Oppo ran under this operating system.

Oppo never compromise on innovation and isn’t afraid to execute experiments. So after that year, Oppo added a new addition in smartphones and launched the Find 7a and Find 7 that had the world’s first Quad HD display with 2560 x 1440 resolution.

In the same year, October 2014 the brand disclosed their design-focused smartphone the R5 from R series. This model achieved the title of the world’s thinnest smartphone of the year, and the measure was only 4.9 mm.

From early time Oppo brought about innovative and improved features and people accepted it warmly. By the year 2016, Oppo ranked Top 4 in Global Market Share.

However the Oppo mobile phone has a very attractive design, and it starts with the Find X, the first full-screen smartphone of the brand in 2018.

Last year 2019, Oppo released their Reno series, which was full of existing features. Such as the 10x Hybrid zoom feature, the pop-up selfie camera, competitive camera line up, Snapdragon 855 processor, Vooc flash charge and cutting edge chipset. In the Reno series, they add 5G connectivity.

Another worthy smartphone was the Oppo Reno Ace, which is well known as the world’s fastest charging smartphone. The phone has a 4000 mAh battery that can fully be loaded within just 31 minutes. Also, the Reno 3 Pro the Fifth generation smartphone which has a quad camera and triangular shape pop up camera.  

In the World, Oppo is recognized as the camera phone. Really it is, in the mid-range of smartphones Oppo includes high-quality cameras so that people can get the best camera experience.

After many obstacles the Oppo brand is able to grow rapidly and took the place of leading brands not only in China but also worldwide. In 2019, Oppo ranked Top 5 in the world replacing some well known like Lenovo or Xiaomi.

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Talking about the price range, the rate of Oppo mobile is so reasonable. In their price cost, they supply minimum advantages and features. They include some features that you will find in premium smartphones.

So that’s why many people show interest in buying these Oppo smartphones.  Actually, some big brands like Apple and Samsung considered Oppo as a tough competitor.

Not only the mid-range segment Oppo took 6% market share in the premium segment and was crowned as the fastest-growing company.

In my opinion, Oppo’s marketing strategy is very effective. Before launching any smartphone model, they do a lot of campaigns and advertising so that people engage in their products. They do this advertisement regularly and there is no one who doesn’t know about the Oppo brand.

Also, Oppo has built a strong offline retailer network that helps to increase their sales. According to a report in 2019, Oppo was the biggest selling mobile brand in India.

Though there are many factors behind this struggle to grow rate but the central role plays the products. At present the highlight of the company is Oppo Reno series which have the ability to capture the imagination with high-end cameras, also the Panoramic Arc Screen and unforgettable sleek design. In this series, the improved Ultra night Mode camera is hugely popular among the Oppo fans.

In the early stages, Oppo was navigated by a strong market position in China, and now they expanded its footprints in 40 countries and regions including European markets like France, Spain and Italy.

In other countries, they participate in outstanding results. Due to increasing demand, the brand also broadened its manufacturing plants in India and Bangladesh.

Oppo is continuously spreading its business and serving people. They achieved the title of the fastest growing brand as they focused on quality and uniqueness from the early stage.

Also, Oppo maintains perfection in their creative vision and renowned artist in the world who reveals the strength of creativity. According to me for success, every business must have fruitful inspiration.

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