How to choose Gloves for Women

How to choose Gloves for Women
How to choose Gloves for Women

How to choose Gloves for Women?When exercising, you often perform extreme movements that have the potential to cause injury. In fact, this injury can occur without you even realizing it when you do sports movements that seem normal. However, this can be avoided if you use the right equipment. There are many sports equipment that can protect you when exercising. One of them is gloves. Many people underestimate this one accessory. In fact, without gloves, your potential for injury when exercising becomes great. We produce sports gloves and warm gloves for women for the best protection for those of you who care about safety and comfort in exercising.

Hats and glasses are indeed more popular as runner accessories than gloves. But make no mistake. The function of gloves when running is no less important than other accessories. Gloves are useful as a warmer when you run in cold weather. Thus, your performance is maintained even if the weather is not supportive. In addition, the gloves provide a stronger grip effect so that they support you to run faster.

Several manufacturers create gloves for women with 95% polyester and 5% spandex. These special runner gloves are the product you need. The glove design is intentionally reflective so you can run safely at night. Other people or riders will know your position when running by wearing these gloves.

Gloves with a resin coating on the surface can increase grip strength making them very suitable for women and beginners. This resin layer is easy to peel off, but you can get the most out of the glove. If the coating starts to peel a lot, immediately replace it with new gloves to keep your grip strength stable.

When exercising, sweating is a natural thing to happen, especially if you exercise in hot weather. The same goes for when you run. Hot weather will certainly make your palms sweat a lot. You can outsmart it by taking your gloves off often, but it’s certainly inconvenient. For that, choose gloves that have good air circulation and are able to absorb sweat well. If the sweat on your palms is quickly absorbed by the gloves, your performance will not be disturbed.

Thick gloves may not have many fans in tropical climates. However, thick gloves will be a mainstay when playing golf in the highlands, winter or in the morning. These gloves will warm your hands so your fingers don’t get stiff from the cold. When your hands feel warm, your whole body will also become warmer. That way, it will be easier for you to continue running. The right glove is indeed an important factor if you want to improve your playing performance.


We do not recommend that you wash your gloves in a washing machine as this can shorten their service life. In addition, gloves should not be clamped while drying, as clasps will form. The solution to this is to use a special hanger for gloves. This hanger has a palm-like shape so that it can facilitate air circulation to the inside of the glove. This way, your gloves will dry in good shape and shape.

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