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Flashlight Aia File

About Flashlight aia file

Flashlight AIA file is a very important file. for making an app, you can make any app by buying this file. so why you are late? grab this file and make an app now.

I will tell you how to make it it’s easy to make don’t need to worry just. you have to go to in the desired website like kodular, appybuilder and more by this flashlight file.

there is some most interesting feature in this file there are also pop up or fruit quotations. you just need to change the color or if you want to change anything you made to it so just create an app by this file.

If you want to create flashlight app for Android then you can use this aia file for easy making. This aia file works with kodular website. This aia file has a nice splash screen which is very lucrative.

Well designed aia file that you have never seen. There are three buttons in this awesome aia file which is in the flashlight background.

Every button is dedicated with on flash, off the flash, and off the flash. The SOS is discontented when the flash is offed. This flashlight aia file shows the light image forward of the flashlight. Forward of flashlight indicates the flash for on or off.

This aia file also gives the percentage of battery level. A diamond image shows the premium look as well. This aia file has an exit premium button that is attractive for the users.

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This flashlight aia file is an exceptional aia file that you have never seen. You can be profited by uploading it on kodular.

 Key features of Flashlight aia file

  •  splash screen on the switch,
  • off switch,
  • SOS switch shows battery level in percentage
  •  has a diamond image premium look

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 Download files:

 Apk file:
Flashlight Aia File

 Aia file:
Flashlight Aia File

 The bottom line

Flashlight aia file is an updated file that is fully configured. You can make some changes to it and enjoy. #Search

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