Darkness in the light destiny 2 -Malfeasance Exotic Guide

Darkness in the light destiny 2
Darkness in the light destiny 2

Darkness in the light destiny 2, Hand cannons is a powerful weapon that only devotees of Destiny 2 understand. To get malfunction in Destiny 2, you must first fulfil the Darkness mission of Light at the main menu.

In Destiny 2, there are several objectives and side tasks to be completed. Exotic sidequests are the hardest and most sought-after sidequests in Darkness in the light destiny 2 and are also the hardest to find.

Exotic sidequests can be found all across Darkness in the light destiny 2 and are tough. The end of a quest typically leads to the granting of an exotic weapon or armour. This package includes “Darkness in Light,” an unusual side search. You should read this article to complete the mission.

Although the light is rising, you still have time to prepare yourself by buying the best equipment. The incredible hand cannon of the Forsaken expansion is worth the time it takes to unlock it while you wait.

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What is the Light Side Quest Darkness?

To finish The darkness in the Light side search, you must talk to the drifter in the tower after the starting goals are completed, and the gambit is unlocked. The task is easy to accept, but it isn’t easy to accomplish. The unique hand cannon Malfeasance, one of the finest hand cannons in the game, is your reward.

Although the firearms are weaker than the Thorn and Ace of Spades, the explosive shadow of that gun makes it a superb choice for PVP and PVE circumstances.

Explosive Shadow flames are slugs placed over each other and spark an explosion if many are stacked. Go out and pick up a strong hand cannon to add to your collection.

On 10 November, the following exotic missions will be adjusted when beyond light is launched: Sturm, MIDA Multi-Tool, Rat King, Legend of Acrius, Polaris Lance, Worldline Zero, Ace of Spades, Last Word, Le Monarque, Jotunn and Izanagi’s Burden.

Following Bungie’s August 2020 clarification, it was announced that Darkness in the light destiny 2 would not be retired from heritage exotics. You bring your supportive destination and supplies into the DCV.

Darkness in the light destiny 2
Darkness in the light destiny 2

Like many other unusual chores in Darkness in the light destiny 2, the darkness in the light search for mishaps requires much effort. We will walk through you every step so that you understand what you are going to do. The sections below provide an overview of each stage.

  • Hand the Drifter over the Seething Heart.
  • Secret Town (also known as “City of Secrets”). To complete the job, destroy 25 bosses or minibosses.
  • The Corrupt: The Corrupt’s Strike is a corrupt movie.
  • Give him the Drifter’s Depleted Weapon Core safely.
  • Win 10 matches and deposit 400 motes for the tournament.
  • Four enemy guardians invade and defeat once, or teammates defeat four enemy Guardians twice.
  • Provide the drifter with the Dark Weapon Core.

The Way of Misfortune

The next steps of the quest are as follows:

  • A total of 25 yellow-bar slain opponents
  • Complete the game with a “Corrupt” (strike) to win Gambit motes.
  • Defeat 25 Gambit combat guardians.
  • Wipe a team three times as an invader, or have an ally do it for you.

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Exactly what is fraud?

This is a powerful exotic, long-range hand cannon. This explosive shadow is much sought after because it may fire toxic slugs at adversaries. When enough rounds are fired, your opponents explode.

The weapon is steady equipment that allows 180 explosive rounds per minute to be discharged. Isn’t it awesome?

It’s not easy to get them, but you’re fortunate since we’ve prepared an extensive tutorial on how to get them.

The Exotic search chain is called Darkness in Light. This task takes a long time and requires a lot of work. The prized weapon is brought closer to you at every stage of the procedure. There are all seven stages. You’ll discover more about each stage as you continue through the post.

Darkness in the light destiny 2 Guide

Stage 1: Seething Heart.

The first stage in the trip is to achieve the seething heart. Gambit’s Primeval Ascendant Servitor Boss is the only way to deal with these artefacts. In a few minutes, their rage usually disappears. Because of the uncertainty surrounding their arrival, you must win every effort before the Gambit Servitor Boss appears.

Stage 2: The Secret Town

This is the stage where you have to express your fury against the Drifter. He will then assign you to eliminate 25 prisoner bosses or minibosses across the city of Dreaming. Make a reasonable option to conclude this research through The Blind because it offers only a few Taken Bosses a superb opportunity to seduce you.

Stage 3: Corrupted people

After the second stage, The Corrupted Strike’s special form is available. You can cross the Dreaming City map to receive the Depleted Weapon Core reward. This attack may be difficult, so be careful and bring a well-trained team.

Stage 4: Weapon Core

Make your way to the Drifter and drop the Depleted Kernel Weapon in the previous stage. Next, go to the next stage.

Stage 5 is called “business as usual.”

Make a mighty fire crew and return as soon as possible to Gambit. Gain 400 motes with 10 games winning and 400 motes losing. Keep them safe and ensure that they are deposited when the waves are over.

Stage 6: Darkness drops.

This is the most time-consuming stage of the game, and it happens when you face another player. If you want the timing of the PvP, you must beat 25 Gambit Guards or have your squad destroy three enemies. In the game, you should seek help from a friend who is a qualified shooter.

Stage 7: Malfeasance can be obtained.

The Dark Weapon Core has been granted for the Light Outs stage. Please give it to the Drifter for its misconduct as a reward. This is the item for which you have sought and struggled.

To gain the exotic hand cannon of Malfeasance in Darkness in the light destiny 2, you must complete the quest of Darkness in Light first.

The guide of Darkness in the light destiny 2


Overall, the darkness in the light search is a terrific chance to get one of the most powerful gaming weapons and complete a difficult search. Shortly, more Darkness in the light destiny 2 content will be available, including coverage of future expansions.

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