7 Best AI Text Generator Tools & Software To Try In 2023

Best AI Text Generator Tools will give you links to some of the best text generator tools for artificial intelligence that are available right now.

You see, AI is changing how we engage with digital media. Text generators powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more popular as a fast and easy way to create a wide range of content.

With the help of AI, tools can come up with content for social media marketing, blog posts, email campaigns, ads, and even whole websites.

This article will look at some of the top artificial intelligence content generator tools and programs for 2023.

I will also explain the tools’ functionality, pricing structures, and features. In addition, I’ll talk about how to use each instrument.

You can choose the best AI text generator for your project after you read this article if you like.

Various Artificial Intelligence-Based Text-Generating Tools: A Survey and Comparison

Software AI Technology Used AI Tools Free Trial/Plan Pricing
Jasper GPT-3 50+ 10,000 free words Starts at $29/mo
Writesonic GPT-3 80+ 2,500 free words Starts at $19/mo
Anyword GPT-3, T5, CTRL 100+ 1,000 free words Starts at $29/mo
Copysmith GPT-3 30+ 7 days Starts at $19/mo
Rytr GPT-3 40+ 10,000 characters Starts at $9/mo
CopyAI GPT-3 90+ 2,000 free words Starts at $49/mo
ClosersCopy Proprietary AI 700+ No free trial Starts at $49.99/mo

The AI text generator software is described.
Software or a web service that uses AI to generate natural-sounding text is called an AI text generator tool.

Text generators that use artificial intelligence use a wide range of techniques, such as natural language processing, neural networks, machine learning, and deep learning, to make text that looks and sounds like a person wrote it.

One of the most effective artificial intelligence language models currently available is OpenAI’s GPT-3. Because of this, almost all programs use it to make content for articles, ads, and even automated responses to customer service questions.

These tools are becoming more popular because they make it easy and quick to create high-quality content.

That being said, I imagine you’re curious about the inner workings of such programs. OK, let me break it down for you…

What’s the deal with Best AI Text Generator Tools?

To begin using these text generators, you must create an account with the service, as they are Software as a Service (SaaS) programs. After you sign up, you’ll go through a short orientation where you’ll be able to say what your content production efforts will be focused on.

There’s no use in hiding anything from you; you’ll still have full access to the program. As a bonus, this would give you the freedom to specify the genre of your content. You can choose from modules or templates already made for social media posts, email messages, ad copy, blog posts, and more.

After you choose the suitable template, you’ll be asked to fill in some basic information, like a short description, keywords, etc. Furthermore, the voice of these AI text generators can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Once you’re happy with your input, all you have to do is click the button. New versions of the text will be generated.

These programs will produce higher-quality writing if you provide them with better input text prompts.

Because of this introduction to the inner workings of AI text generators, I’d like to talk about why you might want to use one…

What Are The Benefits Of Using An AI Text Generator?

Some of the most important reasons why you should use an AI content generator are:

Gains in Productivity: Using an AI writer to create content with little help from a person makes writing faster and easier. Users, like advertising firms, bloggers, social media marketers, etc., can expand their content production using these solutions.

Error-Free Text Produced by These Tools The built-in grammar checker will fix any mistakes you make in the text you write. Similarly, picking a particular voice can help you stay consistent with your brand’s message.
Greater Versatility: These AI writers come equipped with various AI features. You can use the same software to make the text for multiple purposes, such as social media posts, product descriptions, emails, ad copies, blog articles, and landing pages.

The ability to generate creative content such as stories, poems, wedding vows, birthday card wishes, etc., is a perk of several AI writer tools.
Cost Savings: I’ve discovered that there are situations where deploying an AI text generator is preferable to hiring human copywriters.
So, you’re on board with trying out some of these artificial intelligence-powered text generators. However, the problem is determining how to choose the best option.

Do you know which Automatic Text Creator You Should Use?

What follows is a list of traits or criteria that an artificially intelligent writing tool should have:

Using state-of-the-art AI: Some programs use NLP, ML, ML, or DL models to generate content. When I looked at how well different tools worked, I found that the neural network-based program was the best at coming up with new content. In layperson’s terms, seek out GPT-3 AI-based automated writing solutions.
One of the most crucial factors in deciding on software is its easy use. Since each person has a unique experience with software, you should go with the most accessible program to learn and use.
It would be best if you went with the program that lets you alter the generated text somehow. Sometimes, the writing would need to be proofread and polished to make it sound even more natural.
The ability to generate text in multiple languages is a huge plus. You’re set if your preferred AI writer tool can cause text in various languages. It would be a big help to think up stuff to share with your community.
Omnipotent Mother Nature: In the end, you should search for a program with many different applications in artificially intelligent writing and copywriting. Using the same program, it should be easy to make blog posts, social network ads, Google ads, emails, landing pages, website copies, etc.
Software should be supported by a knowledgeable customer service team that can answer your questions quickly and easily.
Offers Detailed Documentation and Tutorials: The best software for making high-quality AI-based content will show you how to reach your goals through detailed documentation and tutorials.
Now, I’m sure you have more questions about these resources, so let me answer them.

In the “commonly asked questions” portion of this blog article, I’ve tried to respond to some of your most pressing concerns about this issue.

Discovering the Top 8 Artificial Intelligence-Based Text-Generating Programs
With that out, let’s dive headfirst into the various text-generating tools available today.

All the resources were chosen after careful consideration of the factors above. In addition, I have used each piece of software to determine if it is worth mentioning in this post by doing my tests. Be sure to look at “my user experience” after trying out one of the aforementioned AI-powered text generators. Best AI Text Generator Tools.

1. Jasper 

Jasper - Best AI Text Generator

Using OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, Jasper is an artificial intelligence-driven text generator that can produce fresh and exciting content.

You may use Jasper’s AI to quickly and easily write blog posts, articles, social media captions, ad copies, product descriptions, landing pages, and even novels.

But its primary selling point is Boss Mode, which lets you write long paragraphs with little effort and few words. Also, a new feature of Jasper Chat uses ChatGPT to generate different kinds of textual content through natural conversation with its AI. Incredible, right?

Even if you have a limited amount of experience with AI, you should still be able to make good use of Jasper because of how intuitive it is. The software comes with a lot of information about how it works, and a support staff is available around the clock to answer any questions.

For this reason, I recommend Jasper to everyone who needs to generate exciting material, be they bloggers, marketers, or anyone else. Best AI Text Generator Tools.

Features that Set Jasper Apart as the Top Artificially Intelligent Text Generator
Jasper, sometimes called Jasper AI, is a program for making text based on the GPT-3 system for artificial intelligence.
50+ AI technologies and use cases are included in the package.
With Jasper’s newest addition, Jasper Chat, you can chat with the AI to generate ideas.
More than 29 languages worldwide can be used to make text.
Jasper may be combined with SurferSEO to produce material with enhanced search engine optimization.
You can grow your staff and take on as many projects as possible.
How was my experience with Jasper?
My time spent with Jasper has been nothing but positive and fruitful. After signing up and getting started, I could get to the dashboard and start creating the project immediately.

Next, all the text generator modules I needed were neatly laid out in a grid with the appropriate filters at the top, making it easy to pick the one I needed.

Jasper - AI Text Generator Tools & Templates

Specifically, I used its “Paragraph Generator” feature to make up the text for this post’s portion on how AI content generators help. All you had to do was type in the topic, choose the voice, choose the number of copies you wanted, and click a button.

Jasper - Paragraph Generator Tool

Integrating with other tools like Copyscape and Grammarly is an excellent feature of Jasper. Plagiarism can be checked for in the material that is made, and grammar mistakes can be fixed.

Easy access to the created text was provided as a history and saved files.

Jasper Stone Costs
Jasper is a high-end machine-learning text generator. However, you can get 10,000 words’ worth of content for free during the 5-day trial. After the trial period ends, you will be asked to sign up for a paid plan.

Plan 1 (Starter): $29/month for up to 20,000 words
Advanced features like Jasper Chat, Boss Mode, long-form text production, etc., are included in the $59/month price for the first 50,000 words in Boss Mode. Best AI Text Generator Tools.
The business plan includes a custom pricing option for large organizations and businesses.
Both Jasper’s advantages and disadvantages are worth considering.

  • Provides 50+ applications for artificial intelligence-based text production
    With the advent of Jasper Chat, it is now possible to effortlessly create text—and conversationally to boot.
  • Chrome extensions are now available.

Cons –

  • A credit card is required for the trial period.
  • In comparison to other instruments, it is somewhat pricey.
  • Price increases apply when using the plagiarism detector.

2. Writesonic 

Writesonic - AI Text Generator

One other AI-powered text generator that can save you time and effort when writing is Writesonic. With Writesonic, you can make content for your website, blog, social media, email, or captions quickly and easily.

It’s a straightforward application that lets you plug in a keyword or phrase and get back results on related topics. Writesonic employs OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI technology to generate informative and interesting articles.

It’s also a terrific tool for multilingual businesses because it can produce content in multiple languages.

Additionally, Writesonic can be modified to reflect your brand’s unique personality. Writesonic is the best artificial intelligence content generator if you want to save time and effort.

Essential Aspects of Writesonic, the Top AI-Powered Content Creation Tool
Like many similar programs, this one uses GPT-3 artificial intelligence.
Your content needs can be met with the help of Writesonic’s 80+ AI tools and templates.
ChatGPT is a good chatbot, but the newly released Chatsonic (a conversational AI chatbot) is much superior.
You can make any text with Chatsonic by giving it voice or text instructions.
You may use WordPress, Semrush, SurferSEO, and Zapier with this AI writer.
If you need to increase the output volume of your written content, Writesonic can help you do that by letting you add more people to your team.
Additionally, it allows you to produce text in 25 or more languages worldwide.
How Would I Rate My Time Using Writesonic?
Writesonic is a tool I use frequently, and I highly recommend it. I am constantly tinkering with its various features, both new and old. After spending a lot of time with Writesonic, I it is the best program for making blog posts or long pieces of content.

You might not expect it, but Writesonic has not one but four different blog writers that use artificial intelligence, and each is better than the last. There’s also a built-in article generator. This plugin can whip up a well-written blog article in a few minutes with a word count of 1,500 or more.

I particularly enjoy how the Sonic editor integrates with SurferSEO to produce SEO-friendly text; it’s the feature I use the most. Even more importantly, because AI writing is so good, I often use it for the titles and introductions of my blog posts. Also, I’m using it in this post on my blog –

Besides this, there are several other AI tools in Writesonic. All of them are neatly and methodically arranged in a grid format. It was very convenient for me to find the required tool as all I had to do was select the filter, and accordingly, the corresponding tools came up on top. Best AI Text Generator Tools.

Writesonic - AI Writer Tools

Finally, combining WordPress and SurferSEO was a breeze. As a blogger, adding Writesonic as a Chrome addon boosted my confidence.

Writesonic Pricing
All new users can take advantage of Writesonic’s free trial, which includes a 2,500,000-word premium-quality word count. You’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan if you use all of your free credits. Also, please keep in mind that the grade of the content control offered is the same as that of a text.

Writesonic Pricing

Free Trial: Produce 2,500 high-quality words at no cost to you.
The base package for long-form content is $19/month for 19,000 words and includes all premium tools.
Higher text generation needs require a custom plan, which you can request when you have a chance.
Writesonic’s Pros and Cons Cons –

  • Considered to be among the most effective automated text creators and writers
  • provides access to up to 80 AI-based tools and templates
  • Produces content in over 25 different languages
  • Interface is straightforward to use
    Professional and speedy customer service
  • Cost-effective and low-priced pricing options
    Cons –
  • Adjusting the quality of your content can be confusing at first.

3. Anyword

Anyword - Best AI Content Generator

Using an AI-powered text generator like Anyword has enormous implications for the future of writing. Any words sophisticated AI language model, which runs on GPT-3, makes it possible to write quickly and accurately. It’s also one of the first programs to provide predictive performance scores for each unique form of text output.

As a result, you will have to spend less time creating and tweaking material by hand. Text can be made in less time, giving you more time and money to put toward content marketing or other projects.

Also, Anyword is easy to change, so users can change the output to fit their needs. Its custom mode lets you train its AI models to make text that includes the tone of your brand or the brand you are trying to beat.

With only a few clicks, you can have a perfectly serviceable copy for your website, blog, or email sent to you from Anyword. Our AI-powered text generator is handy for businesses and marketers who need to develop a lot of content quickly.

The Reasons Why Anyword Is the Best AI-Powered Text Creator
I spoke with a member of the Anyword team and learned that it generates text using the GPT-3, CTRL, and T5 language models.
The software is innovative because it gives you a predicted score for how well each piece of content you make will do.
Anyword has over a hundred AI tools that use data to create text for various purposes.
Any words customer personas feature makes writing content that appeals to a specific demographic easy.
You can use the program to make up text in thirty or more different tongues.
How Would I Rate My Anyword Experience?
Despite its complex-sounding capabilities and the tech-speak on its front page, Anyword is quite simple to operate.

After creating an account, you’ll need to go through the standard onboarding procedure. Because of this, Anyword could tailor its services to your individual needs.

But when you log in, you’ll see a few links to the dashboard’s introduction videos, recently created documents (if any), and usage data.

The “Data-Driven Editor,” on the other hand, is where the real action lies. Here, you can generate as many brand-new files as your heart desires. Then, in the upper right, there was a button that read “See all use cases,” which brought up a menu listing every one of the AI-powered text generators it had to offer.

Next, the filters on the left-hand side panel allowed me to find the required AI tool quickly. In the tool itself, all I had to do to generate text was enter a few text prompts, set the tone of voice, select a language, and click the button. And yes, for every piece of content I generated, Anword offered a predictive performance score.

Anyword - Facebook Ad Text Generator With Predictive Performance Score

Pricing Of Anyword

With Anyword’s forever-free service, you can generate up to 1,000 words per month without paying a dime. Its higher plans come with extra credits and more complex features.

Anyword Pricing
  • Costing just $29 a month for a minimum of 20,000 words, the “Starter” plan includes all the basics.
    Based on statistical analysis, the base package is $99 per month and includes 30,000 words plus real-time predictive performance assessment, analytics, and more.
    Compare the benefits and drawbacks of any word.


    Offers over a hundred artificial intelligence capabilities for text generation. Includes a blog post wizard.
    Creates material in over 30 languages
    Supports the addition of workers.
    Useful in any situation
    Cons –

    As a rule, costlier than comparable alternatives.
    Predictive performance scores are provided in real-time for premium subscribers.

    4. Copysmith 

Copysmith - AI Text Generator For eCommerce Businesses

Copysmith is just one more text generator that uses AI and is changing how content is made. The platform uses GPT-3 AI technology from OpenAI to create high-quality content quickly and correctly.

eCommerce merchants often use this program to quickly and easily write product descriptions, ads, landing pages, and website copy. Your audience will be motivated to take action because they are interested in the subject matter.

Copysmith can also write entire blog posts, social media ads, captions, and more quickly and easily. AI-generated content has been optimized for search engines, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Also, it can be made to fit your needs, whether you need content written in a particular style or for a specific group of people. If you’re looking for high-quality material that’s specifically targeted to your demands but want to save money on it, then Copysmith is the tool for you.

Features that Set Copysmith Apart as the Finest AI-Generated Content Tool
The program uses GPT-3 artificial intelligence technology to generate content for online stores.
It’s one of the few resources available that can automatically produce large amounts of content for product descriptions, social media updates, and more.
eCommerce enterprises and marketing firms will find Copysmith to be an invaluable tool. So, you can add more people to your team of content creators by inviting them to your account.
Members of a team can work together on multiple tasks at once.
It’s compatible with several popular services, like WordPress and Shopify, and can be used with them. Concurrently, you can link your Frase account with your Google Ads account.
Checks for similarity to existing works can be run on the created content. Simultaneously, you can write in sixty or more different languages.
How Satisfying Was My Time Using Copysmith?
My time spent using Copysmith has been fantastic. Everything I need to make high-quality content has been at my fingertips since I signed up.

Thanks to the intuitive layout, all the AI tools I need are within easy reach. I like how flexible the content is, with options like product descriptions, blog posts, website copy, captions for social media, and more. Each of these instruments is shown in a grid with its appropriate filters.

Copysmith - AI Text Tools & Templates

I also like that I can change the voice and language that is used for output. This makes it more likely that the content I receive will reflect positively on my brand.

The customer support I’ve experienced from Copysmith has also been excellent. Whenever I reach out with a query or problem, I get a prompt response and helpful guidance from the team. In the end, I can’t say enough good things about Copysmith, especially if you own an online store, and I recommend their services wholeheartedly.

What Copysmith Costs
Like similar artificial intelligence content producers, Copysmith is expensive software. The software and its capabilities can be tried risk-free for a whole week. You will need to upgrade to a paid subscription to continue using the service after the free trial ends.

Copysmith Pricing

The monthly price for the first 75 text generation credits and 20 plagiarism checks is only $19.
Expert: Also available for $59 a month, this plan includes 400 text creation credits and 100 plagiarism checks.
Enterprise: inquire about our custom plans if you need access to an infinite number of credits or other premium services.
Copysmith’s Pros and Cons

Uses GPT-3 to generate content, making it a good fit for eCommerce enterprises and advertising firms
It’s compatible with around 60 languages around the world.
Provides about 30 artificial intelligence technologies to address a wide range of problems
Facilitates team administration and communication
makes it possible to produce content in large quantities

Cons –

only applicable to online stores.
If you need a lot of material created, it might get pricey.
lacks a free option

5. Rytr 

Rytr - AI Writer Tool For Short-Form Content

Another excellent AI text generator that is influencing our writing style is Rytr. It facilitates rapid content production in the ideal voice with minimal errors.

Using Rytr, you can quickly make articles, blog post abstracts, and landing page content. This saves you time and effort. It also has an editor that lets you tweak the results with just a few mouse clicks. This makes sure that you get precisely the content you need.

And if you need help thinking of ideas, you can use Rytr’s AI and suite of tools to produce and refine concepts rapidly. Did you get it as a Chrome add-on, too? After downloading and activating it, you can use AI to create content for various platforms.

This is a highly effective method for improving your writing. If you want to write faster, with greater accuracy, and in less time, then Rytr is the tool for you.

Top Reasons Why Rytr Is the Best AI for Writing
Ryker’s material is created with GPT-3 and the company’s proprietary AI.
It has more than 40 small AI tools that can be used to make the text for different purposes.
The software has around twenty different voices to choose from. You’ll be able to create content with a consistent tone and style if you use this.
With a Rytr account, you and your team can collaborate on various tasks.
This software can produce articles in over 30 languages. Additionally, the app includes a built-in plagiarism checker.
After you connect to Semrush, you can also create search engine-friendly text.
Could you tell me about your Rytr encounter?
Rytr’s AI text generation tools are top-notch because I’ve used them. The interface and functionality of the tools are excellent. All of its AI features are, somewhat unexpectedly, arranged alphabetically in a pull-down menu.

Rytr - AI Text Tools & Use Cases

However, I could easily track down the necessary equipment, so I could always figure out what to do. And the text that AI generates is excellent. I am always impressed by how fast and accurate Rytr is.

Overall, I’ve had a fantastic time working with Rytr’s AI-powered text generation tools. The fact that Rytr’s AI text generator is always getting better as new features are added is another thing I like about it.

Rytr is the best choice for anyone who needs to quickly and easily creates high-quality writing. Its easy-to-use interface, robust features, thorough documentation,n, and support make it the best option.

Rytr’s Cost
There are several other artificial intelligence text generators, and Rytr is one of the free ones. Forever-free plans allow you to create up to 10,000 characters per month. You’ll have to sign up for a premium plan if you need additional credits.

Rytr Pricing

Priceless: permanently free of charge, with a monthly character cap of 10,000.
Spend less with the $9/month Saver plan, which provides 100,000 character output.
Unlimited: For the same $29/month, you can create as much text as possible.
Compare The Pros And Cons Of Rytr

GPT-3 is used in addition to its own AI model.
Simple to operate, with over 40 different AI tools and twenty different voice options
Integrated into Chrome as an add-on, this tool facilitates group collaboration.
Includes a subscription-free package that will last indefinitely
Cons –

not a good choice for making lengthy pieces. The quality of the information can be improved

6. CopyAI 

CopyAI - AI Text Generator For Miscellaneous Use Cases

CopyAI is an AI-powered text generator with a wide range of applications. It’s meant to streamline the process of writing engaging content for websites, newsletters, social media, advertisements, and more; it can even be used for fiction.

You can stop worrying about creating original material since CopyAI will do it for you. You tell the AI text generator what you need it to be about, and it comes up with text that fits the bill. CopyAI employs GPT-3 technology to generate exciting and fact-checked articles.

This program is a fantastic option if your company needs to generate content quickly and easily. Content creation with this tool takes a fraction of the time it would take a human writer. Having less need for human authors also means less money out of pocket.

Features that Set CopyAI Apart as the Top AI-Generated Content Platform
The program can create text using OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI technology for various reasons.
It has over 90 AI-powered tools and text-generation templates.
Infinite projects and attachments are permitted.
With the software’s multilingual features, you can write blog posts and captions for social media, ads, emails, and more.
You can work together on multiple projects at once with CopyAI by adding new people to your team.
Just how satisfying was my time with CopyAI?
CopyAI’s AI text-writing tools provide an impressively satisfying experience for users. With the help of its AI tools, I made great, original content, making this platform genuinely all-inclusive.

When you go to the “Templates” tab, you’ll see a neatly laid-out grid with all of its AI tools. If you don’t see them, you shouldn’t worry; they’re always available on the sidebar to the left.

With these tools, you can make text in many languages, such as English, Spanish, French, and German. Users can adjust the tone of the material they publish to represent their brand on the site better.

Lastly, the platform works well and is easy to use, and there are many options to choose from. CopyAI can help anyone with a wide range of needs when creating content.

Fees for CopyAI
The forever-free plan on CopyAI allows you to generate 2,000 words every month, making it yet another free AI writer. You’ll need to move up to their premium plan if you want more credits.

CopyAI Pricing

Start with a 2,000-word monthly quota and upgrade to a premium plan for as little as $1 per month.
For an additional $49 per month, Pro users get unlimited word creation and team management tools.
Cons of CopyAI and Its Pros Cons –

Utilizes GPT-3 AI technology. Provides access to 90+ AI tools
Multiple language support
Allows for the administration of groups
It lets you make as many projects as you want
Includes a subscription-free package that will last indefinitely

Cons –

There is a need for higher-quality content.
Only one pricey membership option is available.

7. Paraphraseonline.org

Paraphraseonline.org can help businesses, bloggers, copywriters, and any other writer gets past writer’s block and crank out content faster than ever.

The app uses its unique AI technology to make new content based on what users tell it to do. It can be used to create brand-new content or to enhance preexisting pieces so that they are better optimized for search engines.

It also has the added benefit of producing content in several different languages. This means that the text made by AI can be used to talk directly to the target audience in their language.

Why Paraphraseonline.org Is the Finest AI-Powered Copyeditor?
In total, Paraphraseonline.org includes over 700 copywriting templates and artificial intelligence aids.
Articles and weblog postings might be derived from SEO audits.
With the help of processes, it is possible to create long-form content quickly and easily.
Everything you need to manage your team effectively is included in the software.
Since Paraphraseonline.org is powered by its unique AI, it can produce credible articles.
Copy the Pricing for Closing Devices
The program is only for people who pay for it, so there is no free version or trial period.


After looking into all the AI text generators, it’s time to choose one and start making content for your articles, social media, ads, emails, and more.

If you still need to discover a satisfactory answer, I urge you to take advantage of their no-risk trial. If you try it out, you will only know if the software is right for you.

However, if you want my recommendation, I suggest either Jasper or Writesonic. Excellent functionality and media quality may be found in both programs.

And last, here are a few more blog entries you might find interesting:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I find a no-cost text generator powered by artificial intelligence? 

Sure, you can try out programs like Jasper and Writesonic for free. You can use Rytr and CopyAI forever without paying a dime.

How does artificial intelligence work to create text? 

The GPT-3 language model created by OpenAI is the best AI for writing text right now. In the same way, OpenAI’s conversational AI chatbot ChatGPT can easily and quickly make many different kinds of text.

How does one define a GPT-3 AI text enerator? 

Software or a cloud-hosted SaaS application that employs GPT-3 artificial intelligence to generate text in response to relatively simple user inputs

What steps do I take to type in GPT-3?

To begin, you will need to decide on a piece of software and register for an account with it. Once you have access, you will need to find the right artificial intelligence (AI) text tool, such as a blog post, email, or ad generator that is automated. After that, you’d specify the language, choose the tone of voice, and enter a short summary of the subject. In the end, all you would have to do to use an AI to make text is click a button.

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