You could soon get too see BGMI relaunch in India

You could soon get too see BGMI relaunch in India
You could soon get too see BGMI relaunch in India

Following the precedent set by the Indian government’s decision to restrict access to PUBG in 2018, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has also been restricted. Because it violated the Information Technology Act of 2000, Section 69A, the game was declared illegal in India.

The most recent reports tell a different story, which is surprising to the fans because they have already given up all hope. The video game creator Krafton is aware of the BGMI restriction that has been implemented in India. It is now being reported that they intend to work in conjunction with the relevant authorities in the Indian government in order to bring the game back to India.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Krafton, Bae Dong-Geun, during the second quarter of 2018, the franchise increased the number of monetized content offerings while also growing its user base in the local market through offline collaborations and its own initiatives.

According to one more source, Skyesports CEO Shiva Nandy was quoted as saying that the restriction on Battlegrounds Mobile India will not be in place for an indefinite amount of time. The relaunch of BGMI appears to be a done deal at this point in time, which is significant given that rival app TikTok is also making preparations to return to the Indian market.

Why was BGMI banned in India in the first place?

Now, this is a serious topic, and the answer lies deep within the Chinese connection of the game that would succeed PUBG Mobile in India. The Indian government has, up until this point, not provided a very clear explanation about the rationale behind the BGMI ban. The provision under which it was booked, however, suggested that the app poses a threat to the nation’s security.

It has also been noticed in the beginning that Battlegrounds Mobile India shared the data with the Chinese servers. This is the same reason why the government of India pulled away PUBG Mobile from the Indian battle royale market.

Is it going to impact the players?

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have been updated to reflect BGMI’s removal from the platform. However, customers who have previously downloaded the application will not experience any difficulties when playing the game. In addition to that, a couple of them said that they attempted to play the game but were unable to do so due to server problems.

The situation is only different if you have not already installed the game on your smartphone, as it is not sold in official app stores and so cannot be downloaded there. You can still play the game in India if you get the BGMI APK from a separate source and install it on your device.