Hack WWE Mayhem MOD APK 1.68.142 (Menu, Damage/Defense multiplier)

About Hack WWE Mayhem MOD APK 1.68.142 (Menu, Damage/Defense multiplier)

WWE Mayhem MOD APK, developed by Reliance Games, is an action-packed fighting game particularly intended for fans of this genre. The most recent version of the game is 1.68.142. The game features six different character classes, ensuring it offers a thrilling and fierce experience of the popular wrestlers’ matches from WWE’s remarkable history.

The game’s six revolutionary character classes each provide a unique wrestling journey. For example, the Powerhouse class is perfect for gamers seeking dominant power and heavy attacks. The Brawler class is designed for a dramatic match experience, offering massive damage and exceptional manoeuvring skills. Those seeking a challenge might enjoy the Technician class, known for precise attack and defence capabilities.

In contrast, the High Flyer class provides beautiful acrobatic moves and quick motion making it a thrilling option. The Showman class offers excellent performance skills and crowd control tactics, making you feel like a star in the field. Lastly, the Wildcard class is known for its unique and diverse features, giving players the freedom to utilise various skills and attacks during the match.

The game is enhanced further with its weekly event, Mayhem Mania. Here, players are given a platform to showcase their fighting skills by competing with other players globally. Mayhem Mania offers players a chance to partake in singles, doubles, or team fights where they can go up against potent and famous wrestlers known worldwide. Players can use their skills and strategies to defeat their opponents and climb high in the leaderboards.

By winning the battles, players earn rewards like gold coins, gems, new cards, and other valuable items. These rewards can then be used to upgrade and unlock new fighters, enhance their skills and equipment, and increase intensity in the battleground. Also, players have an opportunity to win special editions of famous wrestlers from WWE Mayhem, thus possessing unique attacks and exceptional strength to become the best boxer in WWE history.

Moreover, the game offers a Story mode that provides exploration of dramatic stories of WWE superstar wrestlers. Also, the point system in the game can enhance the skills of the WWE superstars, enabling the players to reach greater achievements.

To install and use WWE Mayhem MOD APK – a popular game offering unique and captivating experiences – click the Download button, wait, and install it to enjoy playing the MOD version of WWE Mayhem Hack APK. The game has been attracting WWE fans and gamers worldwide, promising and delivering unforgettable wrestling experiences.


1. Modified Menu: Hack WWE Mayhem MOD APK 1.68.142 comes with an advanced menu, which is optimized for better usability. The menu offers quick access to various commands and settings.

2. Damage Multiplier: This features amplifies the damage inflicted by the player’s character. It allows the player to overpower their opponent quickly, providing an edge in the game.

3. Defense Multiplier: The defense multiplier beefs up the player’s resistance against attacks. With this feature, the player’s character can endure more hits and last longer in the game.

4. Unlimited Coins: The mod apk version provides an unlimited supply of coins. Players can use these coins to purchase and upgrade their favorite WWE superstars and enhance their skills for better performance in the matches.

5. All Characters Unlocked: This feature unlocks all the characters in the game. It saves the players from the hassle of unlocking individual characters, and they can play with their favorite WWE superstar from the very start.

6. Free Shopping: Players can make free in-app purchases. This feature aids in buying exclusive items like costumes, power ups, and other equipment.

7. Ad-Free Experience: The game is free from annoying pop-up and banner advertisements for a seamless gaming experience.

8. Realistic Game Play: This version provides a realistic gaming experience with high-quality graphics, enhancing the overall visual aesthetics.

9. Easy to install: The APK file is easy to install and doesn’t require rooting your device.

10. Compatibility: This mod version is compatible with most Android versions and doesn’t require a high-end device to play.

11. Auto Update: The game APK is designed with an auto-update mechanism that ensures you always play the latest version without having to manually update it yourself.

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Pros and Cons

Pros of Hack WWE Mayhem MOD APK 1.68.142:

1. Unlimited Resources: This MOD APK provides unlimited resources such as coins, gold, etc. which can be used to unlock various features in the game.

2. High Damage/Defense Multiplier: This feature allows users to enhance their damage or defense capabilities, making it easier for them to win battles.

3. Unlock All Characters: The modded versions often offer access to all characters without the need to progress in the game or make purchases.

4. Unlimited Energy: This feature allows players to fight as much as they want without any need to wait for energy replenishment.

5. Easy Gameplay: It simplifies the gameplay making it easier for beginner players to get familiar with the game.

Cons of Hack WWE Mayhem MOD APK 1.68.142:

1. Illegal: Using the modded versions of games is considered illegal as it infringes upon the rights of game developers.

2. Risk of Banning: Using hacked versions increases the risk of getting your account banned.

3. No Updates: Mod APKs usually do not receive game updates, thus you will miss out on new features and improvements.

4. Server Syncing Issues: Modded versions of the game can cause server syncing issues which can lead to loss of game progress.

5. Might Contain Malware: As these modded APKs are not officially provided by developers, there’s a risk of them containing malware or spyware which could harm your device.

6. Removes Challenge: Since everything is often unlocked and games become easy, it can lead to loss of interest as the challenge factor is removed.


The Hack WWE Mayhem MOD APK 1.68.142 offers an enhanced gaming experience for WWE Mayhem users. With a user-friendly menu, significant damage/defense multiplier, and numerous other mod features, it provides an advantage to players, making gameplay more exciting and enjoyable. While it may potentially risk the fairness of play, it appears to be a popular choice among dedicated players. However, users should exercise caution regarding their cybersecurity while using modified versions of any application.



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