‘The Flash’ Series Finale: Baby Peed on Candice Patton in Childbirth Scene

‘Member how we redacted Grant Gustin’s anecdote about the last scene he filmed on The Flash with leading lady Candice Patton?

Now, the story can be told. And it’s a pisser. (Full spoilers ahead, obv.)

In the May 24 series finale, after Barry (played by Gustin) had brokered a truce with Eddie/Cobalt Blue (Rick Cosnett) and thus the Negative Speed Force, it was time at long last for Nora West-Allen to be born.

The scene, as captured on-screen, was intimate. And emotional. Joyous!

But during the filming of that seminal moment… one of the itty bitty guest stars playing newborn Nora had a big surprise for its TV mom.

“The baby’s not wearing any clothes, because it has just been born…,” Gustin recalls in the new, “uncensored” video above. “I know how often newborn babies go to the bathroom, and I was like, ‘That baby’s gonna pee on her.'”

Patton herself tells TVLine, “I was like, ‘Grant, that’s ridiculous. We’re fine.’ And sure enough, we do the birthing scene, I hold the baby close to me, and I felt something warm….

“Grant looks down and is like, ‘She’s peeing,'” Patton continues, “and I’m like, ‘No she’s not.’ He said, ‘You’re covered in urine.’ And I’m just crying but embracing it. I remember saying, ‘This is so appropriate for my last day, getting peed on!'”

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