Textplus MOD APK v8.0.3 Download (Premium Unlimited, Unlimited Credits)

About Textplus MOD APK v8.0.3 Download (Premium Unlimited, Unlimited Credits)

Textplus Mod Apk is a free app that enables users to text and call people worldwide using actual phone numbers. The app does not require any phone surface, allowing users to send unlimited SMS and MMS messages to any phone number worldwide. Additionally, users can call anyone worldwide, even if they are not using the Textplus app. This feature allows users to connect with friends and family members without incurring any costs.

The app is especially beneficial for users in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada, where calling and messaging is expensive. Using the modified version of Textplus, users can enjoy premium features for free, including unlimited credits, unlocked premium calling, ad-free experience, unlimited texting, unlocked international calling, and premium sticker packs.

In the modified version, users get unlimited credits, which they can use to call and text without spending any money. Additionally, premium calling features such as caller ID, voice name, and group messaging are available for free. Users also get unlocked international calling and can send unlimited text messages without purchasing credits or watching videos. They can also create groups with up to 200 people and send messages, photos, videos, or stickers. Access to voicemail is also available in the modified version.

Users of the modified version can enjoy an ad-free experience, pick their phone number, use premium emojis, and get priority customer support for free. The app is compatible with Android devices only. Overall, Textplus Mod Apk is an excellent app that allows users to save money while staying connected with their loved ones worldwide.


1. Premium Unlimited: With the Textplus MOD APK v8.0.3, users can access all premium features without any limitations or restrictions. They can send unlimited messages, enjoy ad-free experience, and make high-quality voice and video calls without interruption.

2. Unlimited Credits: The MOD APK version of Textplus comes with unlimited credits, which means that users can call or message anyone without worrying about running out of credits. This feature also makes the app more cost-effective for users who frequently make international calls or send messages.

3. Customizable Profiles: Textplus allows users to create customizable profiles with profile pictures and status updates. You can also choose to block unwanted contacts or stop others from contacting you.

4. Group Messaging: With Textplus, users can create and add people to a group chat. You can discuss and share information with multiple people at once without having to send the same message to each person individually.

5. Call and Message Filters: The app comes with customizable call and message filters to help users manage their messages and calls effectively. You can set filters to automatically send messages to specific folders or block unwanted contacts from calling or messaging you.

6. End-to-End Encryption: Textplus ensures secure messaging and calls with end-to-end encryption. Your messages and calls are protected from hackers and malicious third parties who may try to intercept or listen in on your conversations.

7. Free Phone Numbers: Textplus provides free phone numbers to users who sign up for the app. This means that users can use the app to call or message anyone without revealing their personal phone numbers. This feature also helps users to maintain their privacy and avoid unwanted spam calls or messages.

8. Easy-to-Use Interface: Textplus features a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate. You can send messages, make calls, and access all app features with just a few taps. The app is also regularly updated to ensure smooth and seamless user experience.

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Pros and Cons


1. Unlimited Credits: With the Textplus MOD APK, you get unlimited credits which means you can make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts without any restriction.

2. Premium Features Unlocked: The premium features of Textplus are unlocked in the MOD APK version which means you get access to features like call recording, custom voicemail greetings, and more.

3. Ad-Free Experience: The Textplus MOD APK is ad-free which means you don’t have to deal with annoying pop-ups and banners while using the app.

4. High-Quality Calls: The app supports high-quality voice calls so you can communicate with your friends and family without any interruption.


1. Illegal: The Textplus MOD APK is not an official version of the app and it is not approved by the developers. Using the app can lead to legal issues.

2. Security: As the app is not an official version, there is no guarantee that the app is secure to use and your personal information could be at risk.

3. Unstable: The Textplus MOD APK may not always work properly as it is not a stable version of the app and may have bugs.

4. No Support: As the app is not an official version, you won’t get any support from the developers if you face any issues while using the app.


In conclusion, the TextPlus MOD APK v8.0.3 is a useful tool for communication that is now available to Android users worldwide. This version comes with premium features like unlimited credits and unlimited messaging, making it an ideal app for individuals who depend heavily on communication. With this app, users can connect with colleagues, friends, and family without experiencing any restrictions. Anyone can benefit from TextPlus MOD APK v8.0.3, regardless of age, profession, or location. The unlimited credits and messaging options were previously not available in the original app version, but with this MOD APK, users now have access to them without any restrictions. Download the TextPlus MOD APK v8.0.3 now and enjoy convenient, hassle-free communication.