Shazam Mod APK v13.45.0-230824 (Premium Unlocked)

About Shazam Mod APK v13.45.0-230824 (Premium Unlocked)

Comprehensive Review of Shazam: Music Discovery Mod APK

Shazam, a widely known music identification app, offers a user-friendly platform for users to discover songs, artists, and lyrics merely by directing their phones towards the sound. With Shazam Mod APK, users get a chance to access all the valuable features of this app without the need for a paid subscription. In this review, we will take a closer look at the offerings of Shazam Mod APK and its comparison with the original Shazam app.

Advantages of Shazam Premium Mod APK

1. Absence of Ads: Users of Shazam Mod APK get the benefit of an ad-free experience. This feature ensures the users a smooth and uninterrupted music identification process.
2. Infinite Shazams: Unlike the original Shazam app, which restricts the number of monthly Shazams, the modified APK version allows users to use the app limitlessly as per their requirement.
3. Offline Usage: This variant also supports offline usage, enabling users to identify songs without the need for an internet connection. It would benefit those who often visit areas with limited internet connectivity.
4. Superior Audio Quality: Music lovers who enjoy listening to songs in superior quality will appreciate that the Shazam Mod APK offers high-quality audio recordings of identified music.
5. In-App Lyrics: Another appealing feature of the Shazam Mod APK is that it lets users access lyrics of the identified songs directly inside the app, which is not possible with the original app.

Comparison Between Shazam Mod APK and the Original App

Shazam Mod APK stands out for providing all of the original app’s premium features but at zero subscription cost. Its significant selling points lie in the ad-free experience, unrestricted Shazams, offline functionality, high-quality audio output, and in-app lyrics feature. It’s worth noting that these features are absent in the original Shazam app and, therefore, using the Mod APK can significantly enhance the user experience.

Understanding How Shazam Works

Shazam, a music identity app, utilises audio fingerprinting technology to identify music. The below-mentioned steps explain how the app works:

1. Audio Sampling: The app begins recording a brief snippet of the song when the “Shazam” button is pressed by the user.
2. Audio Fingerprinting: The app conducts an analysis of the captured audio fraction and creates an exclusive digital fingerprint of the song based on the song’s acoustic properties.
3. Comparisons: The app matches the digital fingerprint with a massive music database to find a similar match.
4. Result Display: If Shazam locates a match, it displays the song’s name, artist, album, and other such details including lyrics, accompanying music videos, and links to stream or buy the song.

The app can identify songs even amid the background noise or other sounds. Shazam’s machine learning capabilities make it easier to fine-tune its music recognition abilities over time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Shazam Premium Mod APK is an excellent choice for music lovers who want unrestricted access to the app’s premium features without the need to pay subscription costs. Being ad-free and providing unlimited Shazams, offline mode, superior audio quality, and in-app lyrics, Shazam Mod APK enriches the music identity experience for the users. It is an outstanding and resourceful music identification app worth considering.

Updates and improvements are constant in Shazam to provide a quicker and more efficient app. Keep your Shazam updated to enjoy the most recent offerings. Don’t forget to create an account to backup your Shazams, to refraining from losing them. Your app rating and feedback are invaluable for us as it inspires us to make Shazam even more efficient.


1. Ad-free experience: In the free version of Shazam, users are often interrupted by ads. But in the Shazam Mod APK v13.45.0-230824, users can enjoy an ad-free experience. This feature allows users to explore and discover music without any disturbance.

2. Premium unlocked: Users can access all premium features, including an extensive music library, offline mode, music recognition, and a lot more without any cost.

3. High-quality audio: This version of Shazam APK allows users to enjoy high-quality audio. This enhances the listening experience of users.

4. Unlimited Shazams: With the Mod version, users can use Shazam unlimited times without any restriction or limitations.

5. Music recognition: Users can easily identify any song playing around them. Just by tapping the Shazam icon, the application listens to the song and quickly provides the song details.

6. Lyrics & videos: After identifying the music, you can also view the lyrics and videos of the songs within the app.

7. Synced lyrics: Users can sing along with the music because this version of the Shazam app provides synced lyrics.

8. Offline mode: Users can identify music even when they are offline. This is a great feature when you are in a no network area but still can Shazam songs and find them later when you get the network.

9. Dark mode: This feature makes it easier for users to use the app without straining their eyes. This is a perfect feature for night owls.

10. Creates personalized playlists: Based on the user’s music taste, the app creates recommended playlists which can be explored and enjoyed.

11. Recommendations: It provides recommendations to users based on their recent Shazam.

12. Auto mode: The automatic identification of songs even when the app is not opened as it runs in the background.

13. Social Media Integration: It allows you to share your favorite tracks on social media platforms directly from the app.

14. Easy to use interface: It comes with a user-friendly interface that enables easy navigation and usage.

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Pros and Cons

Pros of Shazam Mod APK v13.45.0-230824 (Premium Unlocked):

1. Unlimited Access to Features: The modified version provides unrestricted access to all premium features, including ad-free music streaming, unlimited song lyrics, and much more.

2. Free of Charge: This APK file is freely available and doesn’t require any subscription charges, contrary to the original Shazam app where you need to pay for premium features.

3. User Friendly: The interface of this APK is easy to use and navigate. You can easily search any song or album without much hassle.

4. No Ads: Since the premium version is unlocked, you won’t get interrupted by annoying ads while listening to your favorite music.

5. Offline Mode: The APK also comes with an offline mode where you can identify music even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Cons of Shazam Mod APK v13.45.0-230824 (Premium Unlocked):

1. May Not Be Safe: Modified APK files can be unsafe as they come from unknown sources. They can contain malware or viruses that can harm your device or steal your personal data.

2. Legal Issues: Downloading and using modded version may breach the terms and conditions of the original app, leading to legal issues.

3. Unstable Performance: Since it’s a modified version, it may not provide a stable performance as compared to the original app. It may crash or have bugs.

4. No Automatic Updates: Users of mod APKs will not receive automatic updates, so you may miss out on new features or improvements made in the original app.

5. May Get Banned: Using a modded version can lead to your Shazam account being banned by the app’s developer.


The Shazam Mod APK v13.45.0-230824 (Premium Unlocked) provides users with an enhanced music experience by unlocking the premium features for free. This version allows users to identify and discover more about the songs playing around them instantly, follow their favorite artists, access lyrics, enjoy ad-free music, and many other music benefits. Hence, it is a robust and efficient music tool for music lovers.



This document is provided for informational and educational purposes only. We do not endorse, promote, or encourage the download, installation or use of Shazam Mod APK v13.45.0-230824 (Premium Unlocked) which is an unofficial version of the original Shazam application.

Modifying the original app, in any way, may constitute a legal offense in different jurisdictions according to the copyright infringement laws. Use of this Mod APK could lead to potential data theft, loss of privacy, or damage to your device. It could also lead to your account being banned or suspended.

The user assumes complete responsibility for any potential risks or damages that may occur due to the use of the modified application. It is highly advised to use and download apps from official sources only to respect the intellectual property rights of the developers and to ensure the safety of your device and data.

We do not claim any ownership for the Shazam Mod APK v13.45.0-230824 (Premium Unlocked) and all rights belong to their respective owners. This disclaimer serves to fully absolve us of any liability.