Rival Stars: Horse Racing Mod APK v1.46.4 (Menu)

About Rival Stars: Horse Racing Mod APK v1.46.4 (Menu)

Analysis of Rival Stars Horse Racing APK

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a must-play for horse racing enthusiasts who crave a realistic gaming experience. This game, especially with the Mod APK version, provides an array of exciting features that will keep you engaged. We will delve deeper into the unique aspects of this app in this analysis.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Game

The Rival Stars Horse Racing game is a mobile application that provides you with a platform to build and manage your horse racing stable. The experience encompasses purchasing and breeding horses, training them, and eventually competing against other users in online races. As you advance in the game, you will unlock additional features and skills allowing for increased customization of your stable and better competitiveness against other players.

The game is compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded free of charge. Nevertheless, in-app purchases can give you a faster progression and access to exclusive content.

Features of the APK

The Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK is a modified version of the game that provides extra features and privileges. Some notable features include:

Endless Coins and Gems: The mod APK provides you with infinite coins and gems to expend on new horses, upgrades, and other items.

Free Shopping: With this feature, you can gain any in-game item without spending a dime in real currency.

Ad-free: This feature grants you an ad-free gaming experience.

Simple Installation: The mod APK installation process is simple and straightforward and does not require rooting your device or other complex processes.

Enhanced Graphics: The graphics in the mod APK are upgraded to deliver a visually pleasing game experience.

Altogether, the Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK is a potent option for those aiming to bask in the game without fretting over in-app purchases or ads.

Should You Play Rival Stars Horse Racing?

Without a doubt! Rival Stars Horse Racing combines thrill and customization in a unique way that appeals to both casual and devoted horse racing gamers. With the mod APK, you even get more possibilities and features to enjoy. It’s easy to install and operate, making it an ideal choice for most gamers.

To wrap it up, Rival Stars Horse Racing stands out as an immersive and thrilling horse racing game that you wouldn’t want to miss. With the mod APK, your gaming experience will be peppered with extra features and advantages to make the game even more captivating.


1. Unlimited Resources: Rival Stars: Horse Racing Mod APK brings unlimited money and gold to enhance your gaming experience by purchasing in-game goodies and upgrading your horses.

2. Unlocked Menu: The mod version ensures access to all the unique features that might otherwise require either in-game purchase or progression in the game.

3. All Horses Unlocked: Get access to all horses from the start and dominate in every racing event.

4. Quality Graphics: Enjoy high-quality, realistic graphics that offer an immersive gaming experience.

5. Customization: Customize your horses, stable, and jockeys according to your preferences.

6. Easy Controls: This mod version offers easy and user-friendly controls for the best gaming experience.

7. Ad-free: Experience a completely ad-free game, so there’s no distraction while you’re engaged in intense racing action.

8. Free to download: Despite the extra game features, this mod APK version is completely free to download and play.

9. Multiplayer Mode: Play with friends and players worldwide in thrilling multiplayer horse races.

10. Story Mode: Dive into the immersive story mode, where you discover your family’s legacy and become a horse racing champion.

11. Training: You can train your horse and enhance their speed, endurance, and agility to improve their performance.

12. Breeding: This feature allows you to seek and acquire talented and rare horses to add to your stable.

Where Can I download this apk?

Pros and Cons

“Rival Stars: Horse Racing” is a popular mobile game that allows users to manage their own horse racing team. The Mod APK version v1.46.4 (Menu) entails several modifications for an enhanced gaming experience. Like with any modified application, it has both pros and cons.

1. Unlocked Features: The Mod APK version usually comes with unlocked features, enabling users to enjoy premium game elements that would otherwise be locked or require in-app purchases.
2. Unlimited Resources: Most Mod APKs provide unlimited resources. In the context of this horse racing game, it could mean unlimited money or gold, empowering the users to buy the best horse, hire top jockeys, etc.
3. Enhanced User Experience: The menu mod might bring a more advanced and user-friendly menu system, setting up a better gaming experience.
4. Free: Mod APKs are often free of charge. Players don’t need to spend anything to gain unlimited access.

1. Security Concerns: Mod APKs are not officially sanctioned by the original app developers, bringing about potential security concerns. They may contain harmful viruses or malware.
2. Ban Risk: Users who use the Mod APKs run the risk of being banned since these versions breach the standard usage conditions set up by the app developers.
3. No Updates: Mod APKs usually don’t receive regular updates from the developer. This could hinder the game performance in the long run.
4. Ethical Issues: Using a Mod APK can also bring about ethical issues since it breaches the work of the developers and offers paid features for free.

Remember, while using a Mod APK might seem attractive, it could lead to potential risks and disadvantages. Always consider the effects and ethics before using it.


The Rival Stars: Horse Racing Mod APK v1.46.4 (Menu) is a modified version of the popular mobile game. With this version, user can access the menu that includes features not available in the standard version. This version provides enhanced gaming experience due to easy accessibility to various features, making it popular among the game’s players. However, we advise users to download any modified apps from trusted sources to avoid potential security risks.



This text is intended solely for informational purposes and does not endorse or provide any direct support for illegal activities such as modding or hacking. This modified version of “Rival Stars: Horse Racing Mod APK v1.46.4 (Menu)” is not officially endorsed or released by the original creators or license holders of the game – PikPok. Using such unauthorized modifications can lead to permanent bans from the game, data breaches, and potential harm to your device’s security and functionality.

Additionally, playing ‘Rival Stars: Horse Racing’ or any game using a modded APK may provide an unfair advantage and disrupt the balance and fairness of gameplay for other players. It may also violate the terms of service or end-user license agreement (EULA) provided by the original game creators and may result in legal consequences.

Finally, downloading and installing files from unknown sources can expose your device to harmful viruses and malware. It is always recommended to download applications from official platforms such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store or from the developers’ official websites to ensure the security and integrity of your device.