Ramoji Film City Ticket Online Booking 2023, Entry Tickets Price & Timing

About Ramoji Film City Ticket Online Booking 2023, Entry Tickets Price & Timing

Ramoji Rao Film City in Hyderabad, lovingly known as Nizam city, is a famous destination that suits everyone from tourists to adventure enthusiasts and young people. This world-renowned movie studio was conceived and established by the South Indian film tycoon, Ramoji Rao. The Film City holds a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s largest film studio. It extends over an area of 671 hectares, equivalent to almost 1666 acres.

Ramoji Rao, a well-known personality in the South Indian film industry established the film city in 1999. He harbored a dream of creating a film studio reminiscent of the grandeur of Hollywood. Presently, Ramoji Rao Film City has emerged as a must-visit tourist spot in Hyderabad.

It offers an array of facilities to its visitors, including resorts, hotels, restaurants, gardens, forests, airports and so on. This comprehensive city within a city was even recognized by the prestigious UK newspaper, ‘The Guardian’. Accompanied with this is information about online ticket booking and entry ticket pricing for Ramoji Film City.

Ramoji Rao Film City offers the convenience of online ticket booking and has an entry pass system for visitors. Additionally, it also offers numerous attractions to its visitors, which make a trip to this location a memorable one. For instance, there is a tour bus that guides you through the whole city, ensuring you don’t miss any sightseeing spots. Additionally, there are unique packages for newlyweds and for those who dream of a grand wedding ceremony within Film City.

The entry ticket for Ramoji Film City is priced at INR 1150 per person per day. This does not include meals and transportation within the Film City. Therefore, it is recommended to book your ticket inclusive of food and other requirements.

To book tickets, one can visit the official website of Ramoji City and click on the appropriate option, select the date of the visit, enter the number of tickets required, provide detailed information of the visitor(s), finish the online payment and lastly, take a printout of the ticket.

Besides, Ramoji Film City has brilliantly incorporated everything needed to film a complete movie in an indoor studio, such as airports, bus stations, parks, hotel apartment blocks, and workshops. With a team of over 1200 trained and organized employees, the management ensures that all visitors are well taken care of.

The film city opens at 9:00 AM and closes by 5:30 PM. The one-day tour package for an adult costs around INR 1250 and for a child, it costs around INR 1050. The Ramoji Star Experience One-Day Package is slightly more expensive, costing around INR 2449 for an adult and INR 2249 for a child, but it includes a Veg/Non-Veg Buffet Lunch at an AC restaurant.

As a perfect place for vacation, the Ramoji Rao Film City has everything one could wish for, making it a memorable destination to visit. If you have additional queries or suggestions regarding the online booking of tickets, feel free to drop a comment.

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After careful observation, it can be concluded that Ramoji Film City provides online ticket booking for the year 2023. This allows visitors to plan and book their visit to one of the largest film studios in the world conveniently and in advance. The availability of price details and timings further helps travelers in scheduling their visit. The system seems to be user-friendly and efficient, aiming to ensure a seamless planning and booking experience for visitors planning to explore the magic of cinema at Ramoji Film City.



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