(Full HD) IIT BHU Incident Leak Video Download 2024

Here it is IIT BHU incident video leaked Let us make you aware of this whole incident which has put the entire Banaras Hindu University to shame.

Just imagine if your sister or your daughter, your fiancé, your wife or any of your known friends has gone to study and is doing it with his friend or friends or by bike.

IIT BHU incident video leaked: And some guys came and asked her to kiss him as she wished, after that she was asked to listen to her clothes and after taking them off they started videoing her.

  IIT BHU incident video leaked

IIT BHU incident video leaked: Terrible event

There is hardly anyone who would not be outraged by the incident, but this incident is not fiction, it is real. Banaras Hindu University (IIT BHU Incident) An incident took place in BHU on Wednesday which brought shame to BHU, UP and the country.

Students are currently protesting and they are asking, are we not safe in our campus, are we not safe in our college and can someone come and play with the honor and dignity of a wooden person?

  IIT BHU incident video leaked

IIT BHU Latest News: Events Site

IIT BHU Latest News:Friends, we would like to tell you that this incident happened near an agricultural farm about 300 meters from Karman Baba temple in Banaras.

And it’s 1:30 am, at this time students are protesting in BHU, the number of students is increasing that it will not work like this and what kind of women’s safety is this.

Viral video of IIT BHU incident

Viral video of IIT BHU incident: Friends, you all know that on 2nd November night a student of IIT BHU was misbehaved which made the whole world ashamed. Let us inform you that the girl was misbehaved in many ways.

In which a video has been made of the girl undressing. Apart from this guys, let us try to inform you about some other incidents because this is not the first time that this is happening underground but there have been many bigger incidents. have been seen.

IIT BHU News: Video made by students

Friends, let us inform you all that the BHU student who made the video is an engineering student. You all know that IIT BHU is a separate campus which is a part of BHU.

But due to non-separation between BHU and IIT BHU News, there is always possibility of such incident and now students are protesting on this issue. Students are demanding that a demarcation should be created between IIT BHU and BHU.


There should be a division between the two so that the risk of such incidents is reduced. Also the students have many demands which the government administration has also assured but even after that the students kept making demands till we give written assurance.

We will not stop the agitation until then, after which the government administration has given written assurance to the students that all your just demands will be accepted immediately and security work will be done in your campus.

IIT BHU incident video leaked: Trust the law, no videos will be leaked

Friends, many of you may be wondering whether the student’s video has gone viral. In this context, we tell you that no such video has gone viral so far.

IIT BHU Incident Leaked Video: And the video will not go viral because our police is constantly busy to catch those criminals and hope that the video will not be leaked and all those accused will be caught by the police before the video is leaked. .

Viral video of IIT BHU incident

And such criminals should also be given strictest punishment. What is your opinion on this? Share your opinion in the comment box below and share this article with your friends so that such incidents do not happen again. Incidents can be prevented. .

    IIT BHU incident video leaked
IIT BHU Event Leaked Video Full HD

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