10 Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives in 2022

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives in 2022, 10MinuteMail is a free temporary email service that provides users with 10 minutes to make use of the email before it is deleted permanently. Without providing your real email address, you can subscribe to services or newsletters, as well as make purchases on the internet using this method. This comes in handy in situations in which you are required to provide an email address but do not wish to be contacted at that address.

In addition, 10MinuteMail is intuitive to operate and requires only a few mouse clicks to get set up. You can start a new account and a new timer for 10 minutes whenever you like by simply refreshing the page after your initial 10 minutes have passed. This is a practical method for guarding your privacy and avoiding spam at the same time.

You don’t want to wait around for ten minutes, or you’re looking for a fast and simple way to create an email address that you can use just once before you delete it forever. If this is the case, you should look into using one of the many versions of 10MinuteMail that are available.

10 Best 10MinuteMail.com Alternatives of 2022:

1. Meldrop

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives
Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

Meldrop The very best alternative to 10MinuteMail that does not require you to sign up in order to send and receive email. You only need access to a web browser and an email account to participate. Your files are saved in the cloud by MailDrop, making them accessible from any device, at any time. The cloud storage service MailDrop is ideal for sending large files like videos, photos, and documents. It’s also a great way to share large files with your loved ones and close friends.

2. Tempmaili.com

Tempmaili Users of a popular temporary email service such as 10MinuteMail have the ability to generate a disposable email address that can be used for a set period of time before being deleted. The primary purposes of the service are to eliminate spam and to safeguard the users’ personal information. Temporary email addresses can be generated in a matter of seconds and are suitable for any activity that calls for the use of an email address.

After a certain amount of time has passed since the address was created, it will no longer be valid. When it comes to protecting your privacy while communicating online, Temp Mail is an easy-to-use and reliable solution.

3. Emailondeck

Emailondeck One of the most popular free alternatives to 10MinuteMail.com that enables users to create temporary email addresses that can be deleted after use. This comes in handy in circumstances in which you are required to provide an email address, but you would prefer not to use your actual address. It accomplishes this by generating a brand-new, ephemeral email address for you each time you require one. After that, you are free to use this address for anything, and when you are finished, you can simply delete it.

Because of this, EmailOnDeck is an excellent choice when it comes to registering for brand new websites, subscribing to newsletters, or participating in online competitions. Additionally, it helps protect your privacy by preventing spam and other forms of fraud from reaching your primary email address.

4. Guerrilla mail

Guerrilla mail An anonymous email service that enables users to generate a one-time email address that will become invalid after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed. When you need to provide an email address but don’t want to reveal your true identity or subject yourself to an onslaught of spam, the 10MinuteMail option can be helpful. Simply going to the website and selecting a temporary email address is all that is required to use Guerrilla Mail.

After you’ve decided on an address, you can immediately begin making use of it. After twenty-four hours, Guerrilla Mail will delete the address on its own; however, you have the option to delete it earlier, if that is more convenient for you. Guerrilla Mail is a straightforward and user-friendly method for concealing your online identity.

5. Trashmail

TrashMail - 10 MinuteMail alternative

Trash mail is yet another popular alternative to 10MinuteMail.com. A one-time use email service that enables users to set up temporary email addresses. When signing up for online services, doing so in this manner can be beneficial because it helps protect your primary email address from being bombarded with spam and other unwelcome messages. Trashmail is an email service that redirects messages sent to temporary email addresses to the user’s primary email account.

6. YOPmail

YOPmail is an email service that, similar to 10MinuteMail.com, enables users to create temporary email addresses. When signing up for a new service or website, this can be helpful because it helps prevent unwanted messages and spam from clogging an initial inbox. This can be useful because it helps prevent clutter. You are able to establish a brand-new e-mail address whenever you like with YOPmail.

After that, you’ll be able to sign up for new accounts or receive messages from existing ones by using this email address. After everything is done, the address can be deleted and left in the past. Because of this, YOPmail is an easy and practical solution for preventing one’s primary email address from being spammed or flooded with messages that are not wanted.

7. Firefox relay

Mozilla Firefox’s relay A new service offered by Mozilla that gives you a more customized and less complicated way to manage your email You are able to set up an email address that will be automatically generated and connected to your Firefox account if you use the Firefox Relay extension. This ensures that no one can steal your identity, and it also makes it simple for you to add or remove email addresses as required.

In addition, Firefox Relay provides you with a number of features that can assist you in the management of your email messages. These features include the ability to create rules and filters, as well as the capacity to block undesirable senders. It is currently in beta testing and can be downloaded for free by anyone who uses Firefox.

8. Burner mail

Users have the ability to create temporary, disposable email addresses with Burner Mail, which is a top-rated alternative to 10MinuteMail. When you want to conduct business online but don’t want to give out your primary email address, this can be helpful for signing up for new services and making purchases. Burner email addresses may be manually deleted by the user or set to automatically disappear after a predetermined amount of time if the user so chooses.

Entering a name or word on the Burner Mail website and choosing the desired domain is all that is required to generate a Burner Mail address. After that, the address will be generated, and after that, it can be used just like any other email address. Once you are ready, just delete the account, and all of the messages that were associated with it will be removed. Protecting your privacy while you’re online can be accomplished in a quick and painless manner using this method.

9. AnonAddy

AnonAddy An open-source service that provides disposable email addresses. This indicates that you are able to generate a brand-new, anonymous email address whenever you feel the need for one and then get rid of it once you have finished using it. When you don’t want to give out your real email address or when you want to protect your inbox from spam, this can be helpful. It accomplishes this by empowering users with the ability to generate alias email addresses. These are essentially fictitious email addresses that will redirect messages to your actual address when they are received.

You are free to produce an unlimited number of alias addresses and can delete them whenever you see fit. When someone sends an email to an alias address, that email will be forwarded to the address it was originally sent to. This indicates that you can use AnonAddy to either shield your primary email address from spam or generate a brand-new email address that is completely anonymous whenever you feel the need to do so. Because of AnonAddy, maintaining your anonymity while using the internet has never been simpler.

10. Melinator

Mailinator - 10 minute mail option

Similar to 10MinuteMail, Melinator is a public and free email service that enables anyone to create an email address without having to provide any personal information about themselves. Mailinator addresses are one of a kind and can be utilized to receive email from any sender regardless of the sender’s identity. Users of Mailinator don’t need to worry about managing their inboxes because the servers on which the messages are stored delete them all automatically after a few hours.

Because it enables developers to generate temporary email addresses that can be utilized for the purpose of receiving test messages, it is frequently used by developers for testing purposes. Mailinator is also popular among people who are trying to reduce their exposure to spam because it enables users to generate temporary email addresses that can be used when registering for services or filling out forms.


We hope you’ve found this list of the 10 best MinuteMail alternatives of 2022 to be helpful, whether you’re looking for a temporary email address that is less likely to be associated with your personal identity or you want a hassle-free way to contact untrustworthy people. In either case, we wish you the best.

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