We have just discovered that it greatly reduces kidney problems

We are not much aware about the importance of kidney. It is a discreet, identical and, to a certain extent, replaceable organ; But none of that means it’s simply not essential. In fact, if you look at the list of leading causes of death in the world, you will see kidney disease.

So today is a great day.

Ozempic, the well-known drug that has revolutionized weight loss worldwide, Reduces risk Complications of chronic kidney disease.

At least, among diabetics. What is in the population is explored. First, because Osempic is primarily a drug to control diabetes (and it’s easier to study the effects in patients taking it). And the second reason is that diabetes is a major cause of kidney disease.

On a general level, the high blood sugar levels that are associated with diabetes affect the blood vessels of the kidneys in the same way they cause cardiovascular problems. Thus, about one-third of diabetic patients develop chronic kidney disease.

Ozempic has already revolutionized the fight against overweight.  Now he is undergoing treatment for cardiovascular disease

Use of semaglutide is less. Weekly injections of semaglutide (the active ingredient in Ozempic) To reduce risk Severe diabetic kidney disease is about 24%. By ‘severe risk’ we mean significant loss of kidney function, kidney failure and death. study Followed 3,500 people from 28 different countries with an average age of 31 and a half years.

And results are Incredibly promising. It’s not just that there were fewer events in the semaglutide group than in the placebo group, it’s that the treatment group had a more gradual decline in kidney function, 18% fewer heart problems, and a 20% lower risk of death from “any cause.”

A true revolution. A few days ago, a group of independent researchers even said that these drugs are the “greatest medical advance since statins” for the treatment of cardiovascular problems. It also affects fertility and alcohol problems. Now we know that it also affects the kidneys. In other words, in one fell swoop it reduces three of the world’s biggest health risks (and very significantly).

But the best part is that we are only at the beginning of a revolution that could overturn everything we know about some of the world’s deadliest diseases.

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