We already know how long it takes to officially update an iPhone. Ironically, it’s still a secret

Until now, iPhone update years could only be guessed from their history. Apple has been pretty consistent over the generations, being one of the leading companies in terms of support year after year. Only Samsung and Google, to date, have chosen to stand by this update policy.

Google offers seven years of updates on its Google Pixel, Samsung too, a record that only Apple has been able to achieve till date. Now the information is quite interesting: Apple promises less annual updatesThere are enough newspaper archives to be positive though.

Five-year update. How do we know this information that Apple promises for its iPhone 15 family? Regulations in countries such as the UK require this information to be offered when declaring compliance on connected devices Thus, Apple signs the documentation so that it says so Its minimum is five years.

The numbers are clear on paper: Samsung and Google promise seven years and Apple five years, but the account is not so simple. What Google and Samsung promise is a full cycle of system updates. That is, if there is no change in the policy, they will update those seven years.

This is what Apple guarantees a minimum, so nothing prevents them from going beyond this image. In fact, there are models like the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that have been updated for seven years.

This is something that hasn’t happened in a long time: The latest iPhone generation is being updated on a six-year cycle. If this continues, both Google and Samsung will lead, becoming the new reference in terms of support.

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