This motorcycle helmet intercom lets you listen to music in complete safety at a limited offer

Motorcycle fanatics use this vehicle for more than just commuting. For many it is a hobby to go out and enjoy in a group. To communicate with your riding companions while wearing a helmet, you can take advantage of this fact Moman H2 Pro Intercom It can be bought for only 52.24 Euros with the benefit of available coupons.

Motorcycle Helmet Intercom, Moman H2 Pro

Motorcycle Helmet Intercom, Moman H2 Pro

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The normal price of this device is 55 euros, but with the discount coupon available on Amazon (don’t forget to mark it before placing your order), it’s 5% lower, at 52.24 euros, (only two euros and a half discount). It’s free and has fast shipping for Prime users. Also, we have a pack with 2 units, in case we travel with a companion. In your case, with the 5% coupon, it is 104.49 euros instead of the usual 109.99.

This allows intercom Connect two pilots at a maximum distance of one kilometer. It integrates with 44mm drivers DSP noise suppression. Additionally, it is waterproof with IP65 certification.

This allows you to make calls using it hands-free, as well as listen to music, connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth 5.1 or listen to the radio, since it has an integrated tuner. Also, it offers 900 mAh battery 20 hours of autonomy.

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