There are people putting oil in their coffee and to everyone’s surprise, many baristas approve of it

A few months ago, Starbucks surprised half the world A new line of coffee called “Oliato”.. And no wonder: even in those countries of the world where people eat a tablespoon of oil a day, the idea sounds very strange. However, people have tried it and (experts say) it works.

Although, well, experts say that making donut coffee is a good idea.

A drink with a bit more history than it seems. Although ‘Oleato’ is only available in some stores in North America, Asia and parts of Europe (France, Italy and the UK), the concept goes beyond Starbucks and its advertising campaigns. In Jayne, for example, Juanma Perez (barista of Vander Coffee) to carry Preparing ‘aoveccino’ For a long time.

However, this is something relatively new. After all, because it’s not difficult though; It is not easy to incorporate. It can be added to black coffee (although it does not significantly change the flavor), however indicates everything The most recommended way to do this is Emulsifying oil with milk. Not only does it guarantee an oil flavor, it also provides a creamier texture.

So much that it is worth introducing emulsified milk in our daily life? I wouldn’t bet on it, but it’s enough to cause a small earthquake in the barista world.

I drank a donut mixed with coffee with milk.  It's so delicious, I won't make it again

Because the question is… why take it? And perhaps this is the most interesting: that, as usual when we talk about products with a reputation for being healthy, the Internet is full of articles, tutorial And YouTube videos About the benefits of drinking coffee with oil. But the truth is that there is none. At least, they are not obvious.

Yes, they join Drink good quality fats, they will have more antioxidants or may have some beneficial effect on intestinal transit. But we are talking about such small quantities and such limited consumption that their impact on the overall diet is minimal.

Obsessed with justifying something to themselves. Generally, we are not able to determine the effect of a product on health. And more so if we do not have information about the diet, living habits and socio-sanitary conditions of the person in question.

What’s more, if nutritional recommendations become a real battleground, it’s because we’re obsessed with justifying our consumption habits, even when we don’t need to be. Because do we really have to justify that it’s healthy to eat something like coffee with oil? Is it not enough that we like it or want to try it?

It is not that there is anything wrong with seeking justification for what we do. But it’s good to know that following “recent nutrition studies available” precisely is risky because many are designed to mislead us.

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