Keep your Mac at full performance and free of unnecessary files with Intego Mac Washing Machine X9 Costing less than you think

If you are one of those people who always care about keeping your Mac clean (not just outside), so that it always works at its best, you might at some point consider equipping it with a good optimization and cleaning tool. it could be Intego Mac Washing Machine X9And you’ll be happy to know that right now you can get it at a great price, just for 19,99 euros.

Intego Mac Washing Machine X9

*Some prices may have changed since last review

Buy Intego Mac Washing Machine X9 at best price

Washing machine 2
Washing machine 2

The normal price of this optimization application is 49.99 euros, but Intego gives it to us only for 19,99 euros, Reduced by 30 euros and a single purchase (not a subscription).

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

*Some prices may have changed since last review

And if what we’re looking for is a Comprehensive protection of our equipment Besides optimizing it, we can choose Mac Premium Bundle X9Which includes, in addition to the washing machine X9, a very complete pack, incl Antivirus, VPN, Firewall, Backup and Parental Controls Only 10 euros more, less 29,99 euros First year from 84.99 euros per year.

Intego Mac Washing Machine X9 An application for Mac that will help us optimize our computer, clean it from unnecessary duplicate or temporary files and fix registry errors.

It is a very easy tool to install and use, which allows us to choose which actions to always perform explicitly or which file types to work with without complications. To do this, the Mac washing machine is included in the X9 File cleaner, duplicate file manager and desktop shortcut reorganizer.

By using this tool, in addition to seeing how your Mac’s performance improves, You will be able to recover those precious GB from your hard drive Occupied by redundant or duplicate files.

Tanto Mac Washing Machine X9 y Mac Premium Bundle X9 Son Compatible Con All versions of Mac OS starting with Mac OS X 10.13 Macos up to Sonoma. Additionally, they will also be compatible with the next version of Mac OS Sequoia.

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